Тhe future of the energy industry will be the focus at the Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Forum

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The most powerful infrastructure, energy, water and wastewater companies already operating within or interested in the Turkish market will be the focus of the Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Leaders Forum, a strictly business-to-business conference and exposition to be held on 24-25 May 2016.

During the two days of the event, the visitors will be able to participate in robust sales conversations, meetings with their existing customers, suppliers and new potentials, and high-level networking to market a company towards high-profile audiences across the entire supply chain.

The Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Leaders Forum will offer the opportunity for top infrastructure and energy companies, investors, project finance providers, developers and installers to debate on the ways both sectors will further develop and map the risks to be mitigated. Investors will explain their expectations towards potential borrowers and government representatives and consultants will offer a wide-scope development of legislations, investment avenues and project development risk and opportunities.

The development and financing of renewable projects (solar, hydro, biomass, biogas, geothermal, wind energy), waste-to-energy projects, gas installations, nuclear power, water installations, and wastewater installations in Turkey will be the main concern of the comprehensive programme of the Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Leaders Forum.

Among the interesting points of discussion will also be the Turkish government support for energy industry development, a thorough update on the Turkish energy market regulations, investment and return stability for local and international companies, project finance, insurance and risk management for energy and infrastructure industries in Turkey, the legal aspects of further deployment of energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey, infrastructure newbuild and retrofit - roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports, as well as multiple investment avenues - overview of various choices for borrowers from infrastructure and energy sectors.

"You already know that competitive advantage is increasingly achieved by the relationships that you build with your customers - not over the phone or by email, but face to face. Exhibiting at Turkish Energy and Infrastructure Expo 2016 is one of the most efficient, effective and successful marketing activities available to you.

It provides the opportunity to meet many potential customers who are actively looking for suppliers, the chance to have numerous face to face meetings in a short period of time, gives you brand exposure and much more. Make Turkish Energy and Infrastructure Expo the vocal point of your brand and make this the focal point of your marketing strategy," comment the organizers from Green World Conferences.

Turkish Energy and Infrastructure Expo will take place alongside the Turkish Energy, Infrastructure and Investment Leaders Forum, which has created a major buzz amongst a wide section of the industry. The exhibitors and participants in the forum will be representatives of a wide variety of industry segments, such as aluminum companies, railway technology, logistics, urban rail technology, urban infrastructure, airport infrastructure, data processing installation, heavy industry, electrification, water infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure.

The energy sector will include visitors from wind power, wind turbine and towers, electricity generation systems and suppliers, hydroelectric power, geothermal power, biogas, waste-to-energy, PV, energy storage, nuclear power and energy efficiency.

Listing some of the main benefits of participating in the major energy conference, Green World Conferences name: one-to-one meetings with industry leaders and procurement managers, a fully packed conference programme of high profile speakers, excellent networking with the who’s who of the regional and international renewable energy industry, technology updates in the exhibition area, extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable renewable energy projects with case studies, the opportunity to learn about local renewable energy development and profitability and hear from and meet in person top renewable energy experts.

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