ROMBAT opens new production facility in Bistrita

EnergyProjectsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2013

The Romanian battery producer ROMBAT has officially launched its new production facility based in Bistrita. Thе new production unit is specially designed to manufacture batteries in order to equip cars with start-stop technology and regenerative breaking system.

Situated in Bistrita, the new ROMBAT production facility represents a total investment of 83.4 million Lei, 32.8 million lei, of which, has been financed through a governmental financial grant. The production hall has a total surface area of 5,000 square meters separated into 3 main production areas (plates manufacturing, assembling and battery formation) as well as battery storage area.

The production unit is equipped with the latest technology on the market in 2012, with the total value of the equipment being some 15,4 million euro. In addition, the entire plant was designed to achieve exceptional environmental performance, a good example being the CO2 emissions, which are 100 times lower than the legal limit allows. Also extremely important is the social aspect of the investment, 108 new job opportunities have been created.

In all three production units that the company owns in Bistrita, ROMBAT manufactures conventional batteries for the complete range of passenger and commercial vehicles as well as for industrial applications.

By opening the new production facility, the company has as a main target the ability to meet requirements of the future market, by being already prepared to deliver 700,000 batteries annually using EFB and AGM top technologies.

The investment marks a significant moment on the market and represents the extension of the Batteries Producer’s capacity to 3.3 million batteries in order to match the business actions of the company on external markets.

The company has maintained the leading position in the Romanian Aftermarket segment, with sales doubling in the period between 2006 and 2012. In the OEM segment, ROMBAT has continued its traditional partnership with DACIA Renault and extended new partnership relations delivering batteries for DACIA, Renault, Peugeot and Nissan.

 On the external market, over 60 percent of Rombat products are sold in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Great Britain; with biggest market share in France, at 10% of the market.