The Romanian technical ehxibition TIB 2006

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2006

Between 3-7 of October 2006, at ROMEXPO Exhibitions Centre, the 32nd edition of the International Technical Fair - TIB 2006 took place. In order to facilitate the identification of certain fields of interest, TIB 2006 was organized on specialized trade shows, such as: Energetics; Electric Engineering; Automation; Industrial, Auto Engineering; Metallurgy and Welding; Pumps, Compressors, Fittings, Pneumatics and Hydraulics; Mechanical Engineering and Gearing and Transmissions, etc.

This edition gathered 951 exhibitors, out of which 621 Romanian and 330 foreign companies from 26 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria (7), Canada, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Great Britain, The Republic of Moldova (1), The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia (7), Slovakia, Slovenia (2), USA, Turkey (10), Ukraine and Hungary.

Traditional foreign partners showed their interest for the Romanian market, if we bear in mind the impressive participation of France and Germany. We should also mention that from Germany, there have been 120 participating companies, from France - 70, from the Czech Republic - 30 and from Hungary - 28 firms. For the first time, we also hosted 5 companies from Luxembourg. We also mention the Slovakian participation with 7 companies, the Serbian with 6 companies and Bulgarian with 7 companies.

The total occupied surface was 47.000 sqm, 35.000 sqm indoors and 12.000 sqm outdoors; also, ROMEXPO has prepared an eventful program of scientific events, hosted by the Politehnica University from Bucharest, as well as a series of product and company presentations.

TIB is and will remain the most acknowledged exhibition from Romania. With all its generosity, TIB kept among its topics a range of important domains. It is and will stay a technical fair, which tackles all the fields of Romanian industry.

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