The 51st International Belgrade Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements

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The International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, the 51st one, was opened on Tuesday, May 08, at Belgrade Fair. At this oldest Belgrade Fair event, in the year when Belgrade Fair celebrates seventy years since its foundation, there were more than a thousand exhibitors from 30 countries. In addition to numerous National Exhibitions and a high quality side event professional program, more than 250 exhibitors at this event featured their technological innovations.

“Just like all fair events are important for Serbia and Belgrade, the Technical Fair is the most important regional event,” said Mr. Andjelko Trpkovic, General Manager of Belgrade Fair, at the festive opening. “We believe, it will be like this also in the future, every day will bring something new and better, just like every following fair event will be better and organized more successfully.”

“That Belgrade Fair is the initiator of the country’s industrial development,” it was confirmed also by Mr. Slobodan Milosavljevic, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, pointing out the honor of opening such an event. “Belgrade Fair is an essential institution for the development of the economy and the state and the Technical Fair is very much a necessary event.

“We mustn’t forget that we lag after the world technically / technologically, although it can be also an advantage – those who modernize as the last ones use the latest achievements and then they may become faster and more productive than the others. Serbia needs all this, all this is important for a better life and this beautiful ambient, technique and technological achievements should be seen anyway.”


• Number of Exhibitors altogether: 1050.
• Number of exhibitors from foreign countries: 243.
• Indirect exhibitors from foreign countries: 251.
• The participating countries:
Austria [18 exhibitors], Belgium [1], Bosnia&Herzegovinia [5], Bulgaria [8], Croatia [32], Czech Republic [24], France [2], Germany [33], Greece [5], Hungary [8], Italy [14], Japan [2], Latvia [1], Macedonia [2], Montenegro [2], Poland [2], Romania [2], Russia [9], Serbia [478], Slovakia [9], Slovenia [32], South Korea [1], Sweden [2], Switzerland [2], The Netherlands [1], Turkey [3], Ukraine [1], United Kingdom [1], United States of America [2]
• National Exhibition:
Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany (Bavaria), Hungary, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South Africa

• Group exhibitors:

• Area net rent to exhibitors
- In halls: 22.500 sqm
- In open area: 500 sqm

• Total number of visitors: 35.000 visitors 


At the 51st International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, a professional jury, operated and decided to award the Grand Prix
for the top technical / technological achievements to:

• NIGOS ELEKTRONIK, Nis - for the Automatic Wood Drying Operator MC – 1000 P;
• INFORMATIKA Inc., Belgrade - for the SCADA Info Control;
• EVB ELEKTRONIK VIBRO BALANS Ltd., Sabac - for the Turbo Filler Balancing Machine;
• ALTPRO Ltd., Croatia - for the Railway Station Axis Meter;
• YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION, Japan - for the Power Magnetic Flow Meter of the Series AXF;
• TECHNOLOGICA Ltd., Bulgaria - for the Hermes – V Human Resource Management System;
• VIESSMANN GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - for the Gas Condensation Kettle Vitocrossal 200;
• SOKO INZENJERING Ltd., Belgrade - for the Air Conditioning Chamber of K Series with the CE Mark;
• MOTOMAN Robotec GmbH, Germany - for the Industrial Robot IA 20;
• AMADA ITALIA Srl, Italy - for the CNC Punch Press Acute 2SSNT. 

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