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Utilization of landfill gas for energy production
Successful project implementation in Ano Liosia, GreeceIn accordance to the European Union energy policy that promotes Renewanle Energy Sources utilization and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects, a cogeneration plant has been implemented in Ano Liosia landfill, 7 km from the city of Athens. Construction and operation of the CHP plant is included in a series of rehabilitation measures that have been taken for the specific landfill. Produced biogas from the landfill is being utilised in heat and power production. ... more
Energy Policy, Major Market Players, Energy SourcesEnergy PolicyAlbania had its National Strategy for Energy approved by the Government in June 2003, and after three years the Action plan for implementation to was updated in June 2007. In this Strategy three main issues are analysed:• energy demand-supply situation until 2015• restructuring the energy sector• preparation of an investment package for the implementation of all energy efficiency measures and all master plans based on recommendations of the National Strategy on Energy.The scope ... more
International eco-industry meets up for the business platform of the year in Cologne
The International Trade Fair for Recycling Management and Environmental Technology in Cologne, from 27 to 30 October 2009, once again offers trade visitors from all around the world a first-class spectacle. Entsorga-Enteco 2009 brings together all the market participants in international recycling management and environmental technology. After conceptual restructuring with a strong emphasis on environmental technology, which was implemented extremely successfully at the last event in October 2006, ENTSORGA-ENTECO combines – for the second time – all sectors of the ... more
Is Bulgaria’s gas independence an illusion?
Alternative sources of gas supply, according to the Ministry of Economy and EnergyAt the time of gas crisis in Bulgaria (January 2009) the Government declared its intention to work actively for limiting its dependence on gas supplies from Russia. Many alternative gas delivery sources, as Nabucco project, were widely discussed. Among the other mentioned possible ways for diversification of the supplies were construction of internetworks with neighbouring countries, the opportunity for increasing the capacity of the underground depository in Chiren ... more
Photovoltaic power systems
SEEIM magazine presents few recent solar plant projectsin SEE countriesThe photovoltaic market has been booming over the last decade and is forecast to confirm this trend in the coming years. In 2008, the Global Photovoltaic (PV) market reached 5.6 GW and the cumulative PV power installed totaled almost 15 GW compared to 9 GW in 2007. Given the current crisis context, high uncertainties over the 2009 market exist.Experts believe the market could reach up to 7 GW in 2009, each ... more
Remote access for the digital home
Remote monitoring and control of home appliances is becoming a reality with support from a range of communication protocols.Rawin RojvanitMicrochip TechnologyFunctionally, the control-panel and display designs of appliances have not changed much in the past several decades. Each appliance still has a control panel consisting of knobs and buttons, and some type of display. The implementation of these inputs and outputs may have improved during the transition from mechanical to digital, but consumers still have to walk up to these ... more
South-East Europe energy policies
South-East Europe Development Watch (SEEDW) projectSouth-Aast Europe (SEE) is at the hub of several contradictory factors influencing the development of its energy systems. On one hand, it is endowed with plentiful sources of renewable energy and has vast potential for increasing energy efficiency. On the other its legacy of communist-era power plants and inefficient transmission and distribution systems means that electricity generation continues to be associated with large, centralised, highly polluting facilities, or in some cases - particularly Albania - ... more
Buck-Boost LED driving with a mixed-signal MCU
Using a mixed-signal microcontroller to drive a high-power LED, in either boost or buck-boost configuration, with peripherals to spare.Steve Bowling & Lucio Di Jasio Microchip Technology Inc.LEDs have emerged in recent years as viable sources of light and are no longer used solely as status-light indicators for electronic equipment. Advances in technology have provided LEDs that are typically three times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also extremely durable and have lifetimes exceeding tens of thousands of hours.Power LEDs ... more
Improving the balance between energy supply and demand is crucial to boost and sustain economic development in South Eastern Europe. This requires a strong commitment by the countries of the region towards market oriented reforms in order to: improve overall energy conservation and efficiency, reduce an excessively high energy intensity of production compared to international standards, strengthen national institutional capacities and adapt legislation and regulation to EU norms and practices. It also means that countries should be prepared to draw ... more
Giving voice to embedded designs
Adding natural voice to embedded designs is easy. Steven Bible of Microchip Technology explains.Adding voice to an embedded project can enhance the user experience of a product. Commands can be confirmed, the status can be announced and temperatures can be read aloud. However, adding voice has been perceived as a daunting task which is both difficult and expensive. This article demonstrates that using an 8-bit PIC microcontroller with a pulse width modulation (PWM) peripheral can provide a low-cost and easy ... more
Common European framework, long-term national objectives and problems the branch development is facingDuring the last several years investment interest in wind power engineering in Bulgaria has been continuously increasing. A number of factors contribute to the development of this branch, among which the EU policy on increasing the share of electricity generated from renewable energy resources and accompanying programs for renewable energy resource projects subsidizing. The active legislation and statutory instruments in Bulgaria in this field also contribute as they ... more
Intelligent Power with Digital Feedback Loops
DSCs are replacing analogue PWM controllers to bring new levels of flexibility and cost reductions for intelligent power supplies.Bryan Kris,Microchip TechnologyMarket factors are driving the development of intelligent power supplies that involve external control of the power supply and soft configuration in production. One way to achieve this is with digital feedback control of the power-conversion loop. Power-supply designers have employed microcontrollers (MCUs) in intelligent power supplies for communications, monitoring, control and deterministic functions, such as power sequencing, soft start ... more
Metal processing machinery retrofit The leaders in the sector discuss the condition and perspectives for market development in BulgariaMuch can be said about this market niche. All about the condition of machine construction in Bulgaria between 1989 - 2008. Below you can read about the most interesting and important things that can be said about the retrofitting service in Bulgaria, by the people that know best what it is and if there are favourable conditions for its development in the ... more
Recent developments in Croatian biofuels industryVelimir Segon, Researcher, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar, CroatiaVelimir SegonAfter almost 15 years of continuos promotion of biofuels benefits and recent and still ongoing rapid development of biofuels industry in almost every European country, first amounts of biofuels are finally to be produced in Croatia. Croatia is a country with very limited fossil fuel resources. Around two third of the consumption has to be imported. Of these petroleum products needs, diesel fuel consumption for the transport ... more
Future-proofing embedded automotive systemsMaking the right microcontroller architecture choose can reduce development costs and future-proof automotive embedded systems developmentDan Termer, Vice President, Vertical Markets Group, Microchip TechnologyThe automotive electronics industry continues to expand its usage of 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). As the MCU is the cornerstone of electronic control modules (ECMs), from safety to convenience systems, and from chassis and driver information to security systems, the selection of the appropriate 8- or 16-bit MCU supplier is critical for the ... more

LATEST issue 4/2023

issue 4-2023



3dbgprint, Petar Angelov: Our dedication and the added value we offer make us a preferred long-term partner

3dbgprint, Petar Angelov: Our dedication and the added value we offer make us a preferred long-term partner

In a special interview for the edition the company expert gives a brief overview of the most recent developments and trends in the field of 3D printing and summarizes the ... more
Crown Bevcan EMEA, Veronique Curulla: More and more consumers and brands are aware of the sustainability potential of metal packaging

Crown Bevcan EMEA, Veronique Curulla: More and more consumers and brands are aware of the sustainability potential of metal packaging

Crown Bevcan EMEA’s Marketing and Business Development Director spoke to the magazine about the company’s latest project with Kristal Kola and the latest trends in beverage packaging ... more
Integra Plastics, Rosen Tzankov: Automatic sorting systems are among the main weapons in the battle against plastic waste

Integra Plastics, Rosen Tzankov: Automatic sorting systems are among the main weapons in the battle against plastic waste

Plant Manager Rosen Tzankov talks us through some of the innovative technological solutions implemented at the facility ... more