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EBRD pioneers biogas project in Croatia
Agrokor receive 5 million Euro loan to build the first biogas power plant in agribusiness sectorThe EBRD is stepping up its efforts to promote the generation and use of green energy in Croatia by financing the first biogas project in the country. The Bank is providing a 5 million Euro loan to Croatia’s Agrokor, a leading agribusiness company in south-eastern Europe, to support the construction of a combined heat and power generation plant that will use biogas as primary fuel.The ... more
EVN Bulgaria opened its new cogeneration power plant
The company invested 100 million BGN in the production of cleaner and more secure heating for Plovdiv customersThe new cogeneration plant of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia, built in partnership with Siemens is located on the site of TPP North in Plovdiv and this is the most modern cogeneration facility not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkans for now. The total investment of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia is 100 million BGN, which in the conditions of a severe financial recession in ... more
FYR of Macedonia seeks to enhance the number of investments in the energy sector. Priority is given to projects for the new mine coal and the new thermal power plant in Mariovo, investment worth 400-450 million Euros, then revitalization of TPP "Oslomej" and REK Bitola, the project for full heating of Bitola for the construction and rehabilitation of hydropower plants, recapitalization of ELEM, with its privatization of up to 49 percent of the property. The realization of the projected economic ... more
Amplifiers are critical for ECG accuracy
The new generation of function-rich Electrocardiograms (ECGs) relies on high levels of accuracy to deliver advanced functions and amplifier selection plays a vital role in delivering these.Kevin Tretter, Microchip TechnologyECG basicsThe core function of a Electrocardiogram (ECG) is to measure the voltage potentials across the body, which are created with each contraction of the heart wall. The ECG then conditions the cardiac signals and outputs them as waveforms, either onto a display screen or as a print-out. For basic ECGs ... more
South-East European PV Market Review
South-East European PV Market ReviewPV markets have never performed so well in their entire history. While the awareness about the PV’s capabilities grows in the public opinion, it now appears on the energy map of several countries. The total of newly installed capacity added in 2010 represents in average the electricity production of two large coal-fired power plants. In several countries, grid parity for residential systems is reachable in the coming years. In some specific cases in countries or regions ... more
Precision op amp architectures
Not all precision op amps are created equal: benefits of different precision op amp architectureKevin Tretter, Microchip TechnologyWhilst there is little doubt that higher-precision operational amplifiers (op amps) can eliminate the need for system calibration, either during manufacturing or in the field, designers still face a choice of which low-offset architecture is best for each application. Choosing the right op amp means assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of architecture. This article outlines the pros and cons of ... more
Recent automation projects in SEE region
Automated System for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) PreparationBulgarian engineering company Systems Automation Technologies - SAT Ltd. has finished “turn-key” project about supply of fully Automated System for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Preparation for cement plant Holcim (Serbia) d.o.o. - Novi Popovac. Holcim Company, one of main SAT’s Clients is among top 5 producers of cement and aggregates in the world. Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is used for alternative fuel in clinker firing process. It’s prepared from all kinds of biological ... more
Delivering the right performance for your next application
How to accelerate the implementation of a graphical user interfaceLee K. Koh, Microchip TechnologyWhen the interface is intuitive the process of controlling electronic equipment is transparent, achieving this “seamless” interaction is becoming more attainable thanks to the widespread adoption of graphical displays.Many consumer and light industrial electronics, such as remote controls, over the counter appliances, printers, and information points have mapped the development of display technology; first there were LEDs, then came segmented LEDs which in turn have been displaced ... more
Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Bulgaria
Major players, current status and market trendsThe following SEEIM Survey "Electronics manufacturing industry in Bulgaria" presents the results of an extensive survey organized by South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine, to the main manufacturers of electronic products on the Bulgarian market. The purpose of the survey is to outline the current status and trends of the Bulgarian electronics industry.Advanced manufacturing technologies, experienced work force and low competitive scenario are positioning Bulgaria as a key electronics manufacturing hub in Southeast Europe. The ... more
Printing Makes Prominent Appearance in Photovoltaics
Printing is not a new concept for the photovoltaic (PV) industry. In fact, it has relied on screen printing to create the top electrodes for crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV for some time. An obvious next step is to use functional printing to create the core PV layer itself. The reason why a solar cell firm would want to do this is primarily one of cost. Although PV producers might be loath to admit it, at any given efficiency level, their ... more
Wind power potential in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey
Wind energy have proven to be attractive for several reasons – wind is plentifully available, it is cheap and virtually inexhaustible source of energy, and does not cause environmental damage or climatic anomalies. Operational costs for generation of energy, or rather the absence of fuel supply costs, does make wind an especially attractive energy source in the eyes of investors.In 2009, 39% of all new electricity generating capacity built in the European Union was wind power, ahead of coal, gas ... more
Utilization of landfill gas for energy production
Successful project implementation in Ano Liosia, GreeceIn accordance to the European Union energy policy that promotes Renewanle Energy Sources utilization and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects, a cogeneration plant has been implemented in Ano Liosia landfill, 7 km from the city of Athens. Construction and operation of the CHP plant is included in a series of rehabilitation measures that have been taken for the specific landfill. Produced biogas from the landfill is being utilised in heat and power production. ... more
Energy Policy, Major Market Players, Energy SourcesEnergy PolicyAlbania had its National Strategy for Energy approved by the Government in June 2003, and after three years the Action plan for implementation to was updated in June 2007. In this Strategy three main issues are analysed:• energy demand-supply situation until 2015• restructuring the energy sector• preparation of an investment package for the implementation of all energy efficiency measures and all master plans based on recommendations of the National Strategy on Energy.The scope ... more
International eco-industry meets up for the business platform of the year in Cologne
The International Trade Fair for Recycling Management and Environmental Technology in Cologne, from 27 to 30 October 2009, once again offers trade visitors from all around the world a first-class spectacle. Entsorga-Enteco 2009 brings together all the market participants in international recycling management and environmental technology. After conceptual restructuring with a strong emphasis on environmental technology, which was implemented extremely successfully at the last event in October 2006, ENTSORGA-ENTECO combines – for the second time – all sectors of the ... more
Is Bulgaria’s gas independence an illusion?
Alternative sources of gas supply, according to the Ministry of Economy and EnergyAt the time of gas crisis in Bulgaria (January 2009) the Government declared its intention to work actively for limiting its dependence on gas supplies from Russia. Many alternative gas delivery sources, as Nabucco project, were widely discussed. Among the other mentioned possible ways for diversification of the supplies were construction of internetworks with neighbouring countries, the opportunity for increasing the capacity of the underground depository in Chiren ... more

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Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

To ensure that charging systems grow in tandem with vehicle sales, the Turkish government must coordinate the deployment of public and private charging infrastructure to support all kinds of EV ... more
Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

With average annual sales of 8,3 billion RON, the pharmaceutical business in Romania is thriving. The pharmaceutical industry`s value chain has grown dramatically in the past years across all segments. ... more
Serbian metal and machinery industry

Serbian metal and machinery industry

The metal processing and machinery sector in Serbia has a long history of development and it`s among the leading national production and manufacturing industries and one of the most important pillars of the local economy today ... more
Energy sector in North Macedonia

Energy sector in North Macedonia

In order to become a member of the European Union (EU), North Macedonia is currently standardizing and privatization its energy industry. The country has a great energy potential due to its favorable geographical location, natural resources and climatic ... more
Biodiesel production in SEE

Biodiesel production in SEE

During the last decade, the consumption of renewable diesel in Europe strongly increased, going from 14,3 million cubic metres in 2011 to about 19 million in 2019 ... more
LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED manufacturing today is one of the most important segments of the Turkish lighting industry with numerous economic, social and technological factors contributing to its further development. The production and market challenges due to the COVID pandemic have ... more
Chemical production in Croatia

Chemical production in Croatia

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, together with plastics and rubber processing are an integral part of the Croatian economy ... more