Few upcoming exhibitions in the beginning of 2008

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2007

16th T.I.T. (1–4 April 2008), Romania

Expo Transilvania Cluj-Napoca, Romania will organise the 16th International Technical Fair T I T. The event will take place between 1 – 4 April 2008 at Exhibition Center. The Fair will also include the following special Shows:

•EXPO PROTECT - Specialised Show for Labor Safety and Health, Fire Protection and Extinction

•PRO INVENT - Inventions Show

“The number of the specialized companies taking part in the fair, the aesthetics of the stands and the novelty of the exhibits, as well as the professional services carried out by the organizers have made T.I.T. to gain acknowledgement during its 15 years of existence on the exhibition’s market, among the most important fairs from Romania”, says the organizers Expo Transilvania Cluj-Napoca.

This important event is specialized in promoting offers and requests of equipment, tools, materials, fittings and advanced technologies. It will bring to the attention of the specialists almost all that means technological novelty, will present concretely the achievements of the Romanian economy and will amplify the business dialogue.

RENEXPO® Central & South-East Europe (24-26 April 2008), Hungary

The international trade fair and congress for renewable energy and energy efficient construction and renovation RENEXPO® Central & South-East Europe will take place in Budapest, Hungary between 24-26 April 2008 in Hungexpo Fair Center.

Organized by REECO Hungary Kft. and REECO GmbH, Germany, RENEXPO® Central & South-East Europe unites major players from the industry in the context of a trade fair and a congress – making it the leading event for communication, knowledge transfer, and networking in the region. The entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficient construction and renovation will be presented.

It is expected that 150 exhibitors will participate, to be visited by 3.000 visitors and the number of the conference to reach 400 participants. RENEXPO® Central and South-East Europe will attract a wide audience in the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia. The partner country Austria is renowned for its advanced renewable technologies, strong governmental support and export-orientation.

The main themes of the event will be:


•Biogas, Liquid Bio-fuels, Wood Energy

•Decentralised Energy Systems

•Cogeneration, Hydropower, Wind Energy, Photovoltaics,

•Solar Heating and Cooling, Heat Pumps, Geothermal Energy

•Energy Efficient Construction and Renovation

•Low-energy Houses, Passive Houses, Energy Efficient Building Components

•Energy Efficiency


•Financing, Financial Aid, Consulting, Emissions Trading and Climate Protection

•Projects, Research and Development, Secondary Formation, Networking and Marketing

RENEXPO® Central & South-East Europe is the only trade fair and congress in the region which takes part in EU-Campaign “SUSTAINABLE ENERGY EUROPE 2005-2008“ which aims to raise public awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

7th EXPOKOS (23-27 April 2008), Kosovo, Serbia

The 7th Annual Construction, Technical, Wood and Energetic Fair of Kosovo EXPOKOS will take place between 23-27 April 2008 in Prishtina. According to the official data of organizer – CEO-Congress and Event Organization, at the exhibition space of 8000+4000 sq.m. four exhibition thematic areas will be presented:

•SEE Tech - Energetic, Pavilion of Quality Assurance, Measuring Systems, Measuring Machines, Analytical Apparatus, Automatic and Robotic, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Metallurgy, Foundry, Metal and non-metal equipment, Chemistry and plastic industry, Manufactures, Construction, Telecommunications, Transport equipment.

•Balkan Energetic fair - Elergetic, Electric Power Industry, Alternative Energy – wind, water, solar, gas, cool, oil. Stations of gas, Ministry and Institutions of Energetic.

•PNM Construction Fair - Building Materials, Building Systems and Equipment, Prefabricated Building, Chemical Auxiliaries for the Industry, Isolation, Heating and Sanitary Technology, Electrical Installation, Ceramics, Doors and Windows, Metal Processing Decoration, Road Construction.

•Wood Industry and Interior - Woodworking Machinery, Solid wood processing, Home & Office Furniture, Kitchen and Home Technology, Bathroom Furniture, Parquet Wooden floors, House of wood, Wood decoration.

The parallel event will be Energetic Conference and B2B.

TEGRA, BIAM, WELDING, CRAFTS (22-26 April 2008), Croatia

Between 22 and 26 April next year ZAGREB FAIR in Croatia organizes 4 exhibitions: 32nd International Fair of Construction, Equipping and Air-Conditioning TEGRA


Last years’ 31st edition of the International Fair of Construction, Equipping and Air-Conditioning as the backbone of the joint event CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPPING has confirmed its renown as important business event in the field of building industry, not only in Croatia but in the whole region. The fair will be traditionally held under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment Protection, Physical Planning and Construction of the Republic of Croatia.

Owing to the rich exhibition programme of the event, the Building Fair has evolved into an unavoidable meeting point of the trade and corporate public, offering them possibilities to get to know new technological solutions in the sector and to exchange their experience under a single roof. The fair is also very interesting to the general public since it strives to find the answer to the question how to build the home of your dreams.

During the run of the fair a rich professional and accompanying programme will be organized, comprising among others the CONSTRUCTORS’ AND ARCHITECT’S DAY and the traditional evaluation of exhibits for the QUALITY PRODUCT and THE BEST CROATIAN PRODUCT awards. At the international BUILDING FAIR 2006 participated 648 exhibitors of 29 countries, at 61.400 m2 exhibition space.


Since 1971, when it was first held, the international fair BIAM -International Machine-tools and Tool Fair- has turned into an unavoidable meeting spot for home and foreign experts and businessmen interested in various technological producedures. As in previous years this year’s BIAM, the 19th International Machine Tool and Tools Fair will present high technological achievements in the field of machine-tools, tool and accessories for metal, timber and plastics processing. 331 exhibitors from 23 countries participated in previous year and occupied the total of 11.000 m2 of exhibition area.


International Welding and Welded Constructions Fair is a traditional and unique event of this kind in Croatia, which enjoys high reputation in the world due to its tradition and peculiarities. 22nd International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair is expected to be also a strong informative and technological center and a meeting spot of experts and businessmen that will be given the opportunity to exchange experience and put on show the latest procedures and technologies in the field of welding.


The International Crafts Fair will be held within the scope of the international fairs CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPPING that also comprises specialized fairs Building and Interklima. The International Crafts Fair is the largest and the central business event for craftsmen, small and medium-size businesses in Croatia. The fair will be held with full support of the Croatian Chamber of Trade and the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. Owing to its long tradition, the 50th International Crafts Fair has developed into an unavoidable meeting point of manufacturers, businessmen and direct users in this branch.

The Crafts Fair 2006 brought together 484 exhibitors from 5 countries at an exhibition space of 10,400 m2. The fairs CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPPING attracted some 65.000 visitors.

BBW (11 – 15.03.2008), Bulgaria

From 11 to 15 March, 2008 at Inter Expo and Congress Center in Sofia will be held the eighth edition of the most prestigious exhibition for construction in Bulgaria - BULGARIA BUILDING WEEK. Organiser is Bulgarreklama Agency and co-organisers: Forem Fair - Turkey, UK Enerprise Ltd. – United Kingdom, Planetfair-Germany.

After the strong performance of the exhibitors in March 2007, this International Specialised Exhibition proved as the leading exhibition in the country and the response in Bulgaria as well as abroad are very positive. It is expected that the rate of growth of residential, administrative and specialized building in 2008 will retain and new investments from EU and other countries will be attracted. The planned investments for Bulgaria in the budget frame of the European Union for the period 2007 - 2010 are more than 4,7 milliard Euros.

The share of the construction sector in the gross national product of the country is 4,7%. The exhibition stimulates the construction branch and contractors giving professionals the opportunity to find materials with the highest quality for more than 30 branch profiles. The presence of world-known companies and product brands undeniably proves that this is the place for business contacts and deals and for establishing long-term partnership in the field of construction.

National or collective participation from Germany, Austria, Turkey, United Kingdom are expected in 2008. A conference on the problems of construction legislation, illegal construction and other present problems is being prepared. More than 18 000 professionals are expected to visit the event – engineers, contractors, investors, designers and architects.