8th EXPOKOS Fair in Prishtina, Kosovo

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2008

One of the most important business events in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia will be hold between 21-25.04.2009 in the Youth Center of Prishtina, Kosovo. International Fair Prishtina – EXPOKOS will include 4 pavilions as usual - Construction, Energetic, Techniques and Wood Industry. The expected number of exhibitors is 250-300 from 17 countries and the expected visitors - over 45 000. EXPOKOS fair is supported by Ministry of Economy of Kosova, Ministry of Energetic of Kosova, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosova, Regional Economic Chambers, BDS (Business Development Support) and Kosovo Business Aliance.

Fair is promoting and creating a favorable climate for business in Kosovo
The seventh fair “EXPOKOS 2008” was held from 23 till 27th of April 2008. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Kosovo, Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu, as well as by other personalities from governmental and nongovernmental structures in Kosovo, high representatives from diplomatic offices in Kosovo and a huge number of professionals from the fields of Construction, Energetic and Wood Industry, from Kosovo and the region. President Sejdiu in his speech highlighted the importance of “Expokos” Fair is promoting and creating a favorable climate for business in Kosovo. He emphasized that “Kosovo is a place with natural recourses and young population that are exceptional potentials for a long-term development.” The President promised also that “Kosovo, as an independent state, will create more suitable conditions and circumstances for a perspective of businesses and new investments in the country.” In this occasion, Sejdiu congratulated CEO Company and its president Mr. Bekim Xhafa, for the great amount of work that is doing in organizing and creating more favorable conditions for vendor and foreign businesses to increase investments and their efficiency in Kosovo.
Mr. Bekim Xhafa, CEO President, emphasized that “Prishtina in this way is becoming an important regional center in promoting business”. He thanked everyone for the attendance and cooperation to organize all the better this Fair. “Expokos 2008” was attended by more than 145 companies from Kosovo, regional countries and Europian Union countries. Some of these companies were exposed for the first time in Kosovo and in the end of the fair, they expressed their will to attend regularly in Expokos Fair, which they said has offered them an exceptional opportunity to create very sustainable business links in Kosovo and beyond. “I assure you that you’ll always have mine and Kosovo institution’s support in the activity of your investments in this direction,” said the President, Fatmir Sejdiu.

Massive interest from clients
Besides people from the business sphere, the Fair was visited by a number above 39,500 visitors from Kosovo and abroad that expressed their gratification about the variety and the quality of the products offered from companies attended the Fair. Many company managers that participated for the first time in Expokos, starting from now they confirmed their attendance in the next year. For example, the president of “ISO Massivhaus”, Germany, was left surprised by the massive interest from clients and Kosovo market and Balkan’s market in general in adopting and applying new and qualitative methods in construction.
“Expokos already has developed a tradition of functioning as a profiled fair in Construction, Energetic, Engineering and Wooden Industry. All these sectors are in the development process in Kosovo, notably now after the country’s status solution and after the start of an authentic development in Kosovo. Status solution in Kosovo is opening new opportunities in developing these sectors and Kosovo’s economy in general, through new governmental policies in increasing foreign and vendor investments. According to macroeconomic analysts, this fond of billions of euros will serve as a strong accelerant in strengthening the Kosovo’s market. The Kosovo consolidated budget is being increased as well, with a continuous aim to increase the capital investments and in other sectors as well. Also the privatization process is almost in the final phase and many privatized enterprises have started to develop successfully, and thus influencing in the rhythm of the vendor market. Many of these enterprises attend in the Fairs organized by CEO, such as: “Xella”, “Llamkos”, “Silcapor”. In EXPOKOS participated a lot of respectable companies such as “Schneider Electric”, “EMO Ohrid”, “Trimo”, “Bosch”, “Nexans”, etc.
“Number of brands that are exposing in Expokos Fair is increasingly growing each year, evidence that shows Kosovo market is indicating growth in interest for new and qualitative products. CEO has worked and is working closely with interested companies to improve more and more the way of exposing and presenting companies in Fair. About this topic, we have organized lots of seminaries and training with companies where we have presented and set the best examples from the best exposing experiences in Fair. This form has given good results by increasing the self-confidence of managers and as well the quality in presenting the companies”, stated Nexhmedin Xhafa, Managing Director of CEO shpk &Prishtina Fair.