Tomas Jindra, WITTE Automotive Bulgaria: The production in Bulgaria positions us in proximity to key markets
Tomas Jindra, General Manager, WITTE Automotive BulgariaDear Mr. Jindra, would you please present yourself and WITTE Automotive to our readers? Which are the key products and solutions that distinguish your company from the other manufacturers on the global market?Since 1899 WITTE Automotive GmbH represents innovative and powerful know-how in the development and production of technical solutions for locking and latching systems. Today, it is a globally operating company supplying all well-known vehicle brands with WITTE Automotive products latches, hinges, ... more
Peter Dietz, Drives and Motion Division, Yaskawa Europe: Together with Gemamex we will focus on the Bulgarian market of automation and lift systems
Peter Dietz, Junior Channel Partner Manager, Drives and Motion Division, Yaskawa EuropeWould you please present yourself and Yaskawa’s business and corporate structure to the readers of Engineering Review? How is the company represented in Europe and what production facilities does it have on its disposal?With annual sales of over 360 billion yen, Yaskawa is a global leader in the manufacture of servo drives (Sigma Series), inverter drives (including the A1000) and Motoman industrial robots. Founded in 1915 in Japan, ... more
Vladimir Filipov, NearSoft: The innovative approach of NearSoft assists the building of a modern internal production IT ecosystem
Vladimir Filipov, manager of NearSoft, for South-East European Industrial Market MagazineDear Mr. Filipov, how would you evaluate the European industry in general? What are the major opportunities and threats facing the industry in SEE?West Europe’s industry has lost ground in the past two decades. Now the cards are being reshuffled. There is a chance that South-East Europe will increase its industry share. Industry plays a central role in the economy of the European Union, accounting for around 15% of ... more
Thomas Bachmann, GF Machining Solutions International SA: GF Machining Solutions provides a comprehensive portfolio that covers all market areas
Thomas Bachmann, Head of Marketing Support, GF Machining Solutions International SADear Mr. Bachmann, what is the global marketing strategy of GF Machining Solutions based on?The change of company name in the beginning of the last year was an important step. There are two reasons for the name change. While it is true that the name GF AgieCharmilles was very well known, it is generally only associated with EDM, in other words electrical discharge machining. However, we wanted to find ... more
Nikola Jankovic, SIEPA: Serbian economy has experienced growth due to strong foreign investment and continuous improvement of its business environment
Nikola Jankovic, Acting Director of Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)What trends have you seen in FDI into Serbia in recent years?Serbia has become a part of global economy and in that sense it also experiences global economic trends that are occurring outside of its borders. Even before the global economic crisis, a down flow of FDI in the region (Southeastern Europe) has been noticed, which was further amplified by the global recession. There are virtually no capital ... more
Ales Jenko, Socomec: The main target of our new organization is to be more customer-oriented
Mr. Ales Jenko, Area manager for ECE at SocomecWhat is the new organizational structure of Socomec? What are the purpose and the significance of the structural changes?The main target of our new organization is to be more customer-oriented. What does it mean?• Follow more closely our customers, offering them better support and a more personalized contact;• Offer a more complete solution to our customers: a solutions and services approach complementary with the sales of our products;• Develop our leadership ... more
Helen Su, Shihlin: Our main target is to become one of the major Low-voltage switch suppliers in the local area
Mrs. Helen Su, Regional manager for Europe at ShihlinDear Mrs. Su, would you please present Shihlin’s scope of activity, history and corporate structure? Founded in 1955, Shihlin Electric has accumulated profound experiences in manufacturing, R&D and quality control, enabling the company to take the leading position in Taiwan’s electric industry. In Taiwan, Shihlin Electric means absolute quality assurance. Currently, Shihlin Electric has production and R&D bases in Taiwan, Vietnam and mainland China with sales operations dotting North America, Australia, ... more
Eng. Nishan Bazdigyan, RAIS: There is a serious competition and it is not easy to be one of the most successful machine builders
Eng. Nishan Bazdigyan,manager of RAIS Ltd.Dear Mr. Bazdigyan, RAIS company is well known to Bulgarian and European market. What innovations you present recently in terms of products, equipment, marketing, projects, partnerships? I’ll start with our new partners, related to a new market. Recently we have established partner relations with ”ARGONAG” from Switzerland - one of the renowned names in our industry. They now offer RAIS machines on Swiss market. We have been working with them for seven months, we ... more
Anatoli Dimitrov, Electrostart: Our products start up the light in more than 40 countries worldwide
Anatoli Dimitrov, dipl.eng, Chairman of Electrostart’s Board of Directors and CEOMr. Dimitrov, please tell us in brief about the Electrostart’s production and activities.Electrostart is the sole Bulgarian manufacturer of ballasts for almost all kind of lighting devices. For decades, our company is among the major employers’ in North-Western Bulgaria. In the last several years, we are between the most innovative Bulgarian companies in IT enterprise provision and production resource planning. Electrostart is well known brand on the markets of ... more
Partnering with ESD Bulgaria gives us a chance at a successful start on the Bulgarian machine building market
Jan Kovar, sales manager of TOS VARNSDORFWould you please present TOS VARNSDORF’s history, corporate structure and scope of activity?This year we celebrate an anniversary - it’s been 111 years since the founding of the company. Over time we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of machines, not only on the domestic market but also for the countries in SE Europe. We have long-term presence there, especially in sectors that require processing of large workpieces, such as heavy engineering, ... more
We are trying to expand our service in the Bulgarian market
Dipl. Eng. Georgi Genchev, president of Gemamex Motion Co. and Alan Song, Europe Regional Manager of INVT Dear Mr. Song, INVT is a company with an extensive experience in the international market. What is the key to your successful marketing strategy?Most Chinese companies aim their marketing efforts at foreign countries because of the competition with European, Japanese and other players in the local markets. The first key point of a successful marketing strategy for sure is the price. But ... more
Industrie 4.0 will create more flexible production process
Interview with Prof. Siegfried Russwurm, Siemens AG Managing Board member and CEO of Siemens’ Industry SectorWhat in your view makes Industrie 4.0 stand out? What is it that makes this development so special?The demands global competition places on industrial companies have remained basically the same for decades: productivity, speed and flexibility must be continually increased. In addition, demand for ever more individualized products continues to grow. This all requires a production process to be as flexible as possible. Industrie ... more
Energy cost awareness is the main trend in building automation and industry
Christian Irrschik, Managing Director for Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia in WAGO Kontakttechnik Dear Mr. Irrschik, how do you assess the current business climate in South East Europe?After a clear decline of investment activities in SEE had been noticeable in 2009, the situation and perspectives are now improving. The SEE countries are precisely a market depending on Western Europe. A decline in demand from Western Europe has a detrimental effect on the Balkan countries, as these partially function as an ... more
Galina Niforou, Chairwoman of BWEA: The SEE region is going through a real vine-growing, wine-making and wine-marketing renaissance
Galina Niforou, Founder & GM at OINORAMA wine consulting, BIWC Managing Director, Chairwoman of Bulgarian Wine Export AssociationDear Mrs. Niforou, would you please briefly present yourself and OINORAMA? What is the company’s scope of activity? Let me present myself first. I have an engineering degree in Wine and Spirits Technology from the University of Food Technology, Plovdiv. I have specialized in Wine Marketing & Management MBA at the Bordeaux International Wine Institute - INSEEC in France. After 15 years of ... more
SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik, Eng. Stanislav Stoykov We are dynamic market-driven companies based on high flexibility
Eng. Stanislav Stoykov,Deputy Manager of SET PCB Technology and Steiner ElektronikPlease, present the production activities of SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Ltd.As one of the largest electronic manufacturers in Eastern Europe we produce and assemble wide range of PCBs: single-sided, double-sided and multilayer PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, High Tg PCBs (up to 200°), High frequency PCB - Rogers materials of different shape and size. We produce also custom made printed circuit boards. Cable confection, entire units assembly and ... more

LATEST issue 1/2021

issue 1-2021



TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP will facilitate gas supplies to South Eastern European countries through prospective interconnectors. In particular, Bulgaria will be able to cover up to 33% of its total gas demand through ... more
Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

The government of Serbia agreed with China’s CRBC on building a functional sewerage system and wastewater treatment plants in 65 municipalities across the country. The deal also includes rehabilitating or ... more
Expansion of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor in Serbia continues with EU financing

Expansion of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor in Serbia continues with EU financing

The project contributes to the establishment of a regional power network connecting the electricity transmission systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia with Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Italy through 400 kV overhead lines or submarine cables ... more
ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP secures electricity supply by investing in a new power transformer

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP secures electricity supply by investing in a new power transformer

The facility increases the voltage of the electricity produced by the turbine and the generator to levels that are necessary to ensure the electricity transmission along the power lines and deliver at low losses to the households and ... more