We are looking very seriously on the environmental effects of our activity
Nicolas Treand, Executive Director of Aurubis Bulgaria Present briefly the activity of Aurubis in Bulgaria. What are the company’s achievements in the recycling processes?In Aurubis Bulgaria we are treating copper concentrate which is coming from mines around the world and also from local mines. So we buy concentrate, we treat it and we make copper cathodes, which is our final product. The last 5 years we have increased drastically the take of recycling material as it’s called in Bulgaria ... more
Interview with Dr. Till Truckenmuller, President of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
Our core objective is the development of a sustainable automotive industry in BulgariaDear Dr. Truckenmuller, could you please present the main objectives of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria to our readers?The core objective of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) is the development of a sustainable automotive industry in Bulgaria. Further objectives are to support automotive industry companies with headquarters or subsidiaries in Bulgaria in establishment and further development of production, R&D, sales or service entities; to attract automotive manufacturers, manufactures of special vehicles ... more
Interview with Filip Shkembov manager of the Bulgarian company IKIS-SL
The future is in replacement of old laser cutting machines with new ones equipped with fiber optic sourceDear Mr. Shkembov, please present the new business activity of IKIS-SL to our readers.In order of production diversification of our range as well as using our full production capacities and the potential of our engineering team IKIS starts in 2011 development, design and manufacture of a new generation metalworking machines. Our laser cutting machine with fiber optic source is designed using last generation ... more
Interview with Eng. Dimitar Beleliev Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Bulgarian company Centralna Energoremontna Baza
We are planning to expand our activities in other Balkan countriesEng. Beleliev, for the first time a Bulgarian company will implement projects in the energy market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Could you give our readers details about the projects?CERB will execute projects for over 1 million BGN till the end of 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first project is for a technical review and repair of the generator in one of the largest power plants in the country - ... more
Interview with Julius Renk CFO, LEM Holding SA
LEM establishes a new production plant in SofiaDear Mr. Renk, what was the reason for investment in a new production plant in Bulgaria?Although we are a rather small company with only about 1 200 employees we operate very internationally. We have a distribution network across the globe and currently three production sites in China, Switzerland and Japan. In order to increase capacity near our most important customers in Europa and diversify our low cost production we have decided to establish ... more
Interview with Daniel Havlicek, Marketing manager in FANUC Robotics
We can see the potential of the future growth in the field of robotics in BulgariaDear Mr. Havlicek, FANUC is one of the largest manufacturers of CNC systems, robots and machine tools in the world. How do you evaluate the Bulgarian market and FANUC’s activities here?I would like to divide this question to two parts. In the CNC systems we have been for more than 30 years in Bulgaria. Our office in Sofia was one of the first FANUC offices ... more
Interview with Mr. Thanasis Athanassopoulos general manager of UTECO company
Our strategy is to establish strong relationships in each SEE country"... no matter how sophisticated system you are using (PLC, SCADA, DCS, etc.), it will never deliver the expected results unless the probe is the right one for your application..."Dear Mr. Athanassopoulos, please present to our readers UTECO company.UTECO S.A. is a 40 years old firm, specialized in Industrial & Marine Automation. The headquarters as well as the production unit are located in Piraeus Greece. We have a branch office ... more
Interview with Markus Stieger-Bircher, Chief Operating Officer of R&M
Bulgaria is going to be one of the major strategic locations for R&MInterview with Markus Stieger-Bircher, Chief Operating Officer of R&M, on the occasion of the grand opening of the newly-built plant in SofiaDear Mr. Stieger-Birche, How R&M decided to invest in Bulgaria? What is the importance of this investment for your company?There are number of reasons for this investment. Everything started because of the economic crises to a certain extend. The swiss frank rised sky high in last summer ... more
Interview with  Encho Pondev, CEO of TAURUS-93 Ltd.
The most important characteristics of our company policy are responsiveness to customers’ needs, production flexibility and high quality productsInterview with Encho Pondev, CEO of TAURUS-93 Ltd.Dear Mr. Pondev, could you please briefly present the product portfolio of the company?The products of the company are used in wide range of applications - medical equipment, machines with CPU, programmers, controllers as well as machines for entertainment industry. TAURUS-93 Ltd. uses screen printing for the production of labels, stickers and signs for different ... more
Interview with Mr. Dimitar Rachev, CEO of Futurel
We are trying to increase the significance of the electronics and electronic industry in BulgariaInterview with Mr. Dimitar Rachev, CEO of FuturelDear Mr. Rachev, for 20 years now Futurel is one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Bulgaria. How do you assess the presence of the company at the Bulgarian market?The operations of the company started by necessity, and to certain extend by chance and during the early stages of the company existence there were some critical moments, ... more
Interview with Wilhelm Wurm,Geschaeftsfuehrer der Lenze Antriebstechnik Niederlassungen in Ost- und Suedosteuropa
Herr Wurm, Lenze ist einer der weltweit fuehrenden Spezialisten in Sachen Antriebs- und Automatisierungstechnik mit mehr als 60 Jahren Erfahrung. Wie ist das Unternehmen in Suedosteuropa bzw. in Bulgarien aufgestellt?Sie haben Recht Lenze ist ein sehr traditionsreiches Unternehmen, dessen Wurzeln bis in das Jahr 1947 zurueckreichen. Unsere Niederlassungen in Ost-und Suedosteuropa - Bulgarien, Mazedonien, Rumaenien, Kroatien, Slowenien, Ungarn, Slowakei sowie Tschechien - gehoren zur Lenze Austria Holding mit Sitz in Asten/Ousterreich. Die Lenze Austria Holding wiederum ist eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft ... more
Interview with Ladislaus Reiter, Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe at Rutronik
Development of long term partnership relations is a key part of our strategyDear. Mr. Reiter, Rutronik Bulgaria celebrates its 10th anniversary. What market positions the company managed to win here and in which sectors you overwhelm the competition most successfully?In Bulgaria, we act most successfully in the industrial market. This is traditionally a very strong market for Rutronik in nearly all of the countries where we are present. It includes the production of fire-alarm and security systems, cash registers and ... more
Interview with Thomas Smatloch, DEHN + SOHNE GmbH + Co. KG.
Southeastern Europe is an important market for DEHNDue to the expansion of the EU and the concentration on renewablesDear Mr. Smatloch, DEHN is globally known for high-quality protection and safety products. Could you present the main product fields of the company?Our motto is "DEHN protects..."! The main topic is lightning and surge protection. With a more than 100 years history we are a world wide known specialist for this combination. Another product group is safety equipment for working on electrical ... more
Interview with Mr. Nenad Micic, manager of ICM Electronics, Serbia
We would like to establish stable partnerships at Romanian and Bulgarian marketDear Mr. Micic, please present ICM Electronics as a company, history, scope of activity, product program, etc.ICM Electronics was founded in 1994 in Vojvodina, North Serbia. Since its foundation, ICM was specialized in process automation, PLC programming and SCADA systems. Food industry is the major industry in Vojvodina. Due to this it was a primary target for ICM. In past 18 years, ICM automated hundreds of processes in the ... more
Interview with Ivaylo Ivanov, procurator at Bulgarreklama Agency
Mr. Ivaylo IvanovExecutive Director inBulgarreklama AgencyDear Mr. Ivanov, would you present your partner relations with ICM, Slovenia? What factors influenced your choice of a new partner and thematic development in your exhibition program for 2012?As early as the first months of the coming year /February 28 - March 02, 2012 /, Inter Expo Centre -Sofia will hold the largest Balkan industrial exhibition, featuring six business themes of a technical character. We will have ICM from Slovenia as one of our ... more

LATEST issue 1/2024

issue 1-2024



99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

Critical applications in business and industry need fault-tolerant computing solutions that ensure maximum availability. In such scenarios, PACS Solutions relies on the revolutionary ztC Endurance platform from its key international ... more
How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

The E-IoT ecosystem, which offers cellular LPWAN connectivity for direct sensor-database communication and has recently been using NeoCortec’s revolutionary NeoMesh protocol for having an ad-hoc, real low power, sub-GHz mesh ... more
 Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Hilco Industrial specializes in reselling industrial equipment and is currently hosting an Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia formerly owned by Husky KTW. Husky KTW, a division of Husky Technologies, is a prominent global corporation in ... more