WIN fair will be a perfect tool for economic exchange between countries

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2006

Ufuk Altintop, Assistant General Manager of Hannover-Messe International Istanbul

How would you assess the interest for participation at WIN2006 of companies from the region of Southeastern
Europe (SEE)?

Deutsche Messe Group of Companies organizes 11 fairs with its subsidiaries and joint ventures in Turkey. Strategically, we are in favor of joining forces and offer only one platform in each sector we are professionalized in. That means that there is only one strong fair organized in those fields and there is no competition in Turkey. All of our fairs have the same main target - to improve the trade relations between the countries in the Euraisian region. WIN 2005 attracted visitors from 50 countries but the main portion was from the Euraisan region. Last year, WIN welcomed 16 exhibitors from Romania and also 5 from Greece. The participation from Bulgaria was limited with 2 but we were very proud to have the statements from the companies that they established very fruitful contacts during the fair.

Which countries are presented with biggest number of participants? Which industrial sectors have drawn the main groups of participating companies from SEE region?

Official country participations have been growing with the number and also size. WIN 2006 could not answer the extra space demand from the international companies fully because of space limitations at the fair ground. The interest in entering the Turkish market is huge and there is an increase of 25 % in the number of international direct foreign participation. Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, China, Italy will be presented with the biggest number of participants.

What interest have some of the biggest West-European companies indicated – mainly ones already having offices in Turkey or ones still searching for partners?

We have 133 direct international exhibitors interested to make deals with the companies from Turkey and the neighboring countries. The Eurasian market offers an excellent opportunity for investors and business development. We believe that you need to bring plenty of business cards and you will have a lot of sales contacts – this is a fair where qualified business contacts abound and the right deals are waiting to happen.

Do you plan any organizational changes for this year’s edition of WIN?

Surface Technology plus Powder Coating Europe (PCE) is a value-added addition to the CHEMISTRY’06 fair. A not-to-be-missed showcase for the latest surface treatment options - Surface Cleaning and Pre-Treatment Equipment, Paint and Plastics Coating Systems, Galvanization Systems, Special Surface Coating Technologies, Paint, Varnish and Coating Materials, Surface Technology Services.

Tell us more about the side event program – what events are going to take place during the fair?

Successfully established in 2005, WIN 2006 will again present an official partner country, which will be Bulgaria. The fair will be a perfect tool to further strengthen the economic exchange between both countries. In a special display area, Bulgarian companies will find many opportunities to showcase products and trade with the neighboring regions.

The partner country presentation will consist of a Bulgarian country pavilion, where latest technology is on display as well as an extensive side-program with conferences, forums and panel discussions.