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Microchip are offering readers of South East Industrial Market the chance to win a PICSTART Plus Programmer! The latest version of Microchip’s popular microcontroller programmer kit includes the PICC Lite ANSI-C Compiler for use with the PIC16F84A Flash microcontroller. The PICSTART Plus supports all existing Microchip 8-bit OTP and Flash MCUs including the popular PIC12CXXX, PIC16cXX and PIC17CXX devices.

Additionally, this kit includes a sample PIC16F84A MCU - an 18-pin 300 mil DIP package RISC controller with 68 bytes of RAM, 13 I/O ports and 1K x 14 of flash program memory which can operate at frequencies up to 20 MHz.

The PICSTART Plus operates on any PC-compatible machine running under the Windows 3.1 or greater operating system and is CE compliant. It features Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment with built-in editor, assembler and Windows-based MPLAB-SIM simulator. The MPLAB IDE allows developers to edit and compile from a single user interface and provides user-configurable tool and status bars for edit and debug information.

The MPASM macro assembler provides programmable memory data files, listing files, and special files required for symbolic debug. The MPLAB-SIM software simulator allows the user to isolate code problems and debug firmware designs on PICmicro MCUs. It simulates the core functions as well as most of the peripherals of the PICmicro MCU families. It is particularly suitable for optimising algorithms where real-time emulation is not required.

For the chance to win a PICSTART Plus, log onto and enter your details into the online entry form.

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