Win A Microchip PICDEM MC Development Board for Motor Control Design!!

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Microchip’s PICDEM MC Development Board makes it easy for engineers of all experience levels to cost-effectively add the efficiency and reliability of electronic motor control to their embedded designs.

The new PICDEM MC supports creation of both AC Induction Motor (ACIM) and Brushless DC (BLDC) advanced motor control applications with the PIC18FXX31 family of MCUs. These devices feature three advanced motion control modules, including a built-in quadrature encoder interface.

The PICDEM MC board is also constructed with complete electrical isolation from the power circuitry, allowing users to plug in the MPLAB In-Circuit Emulator (ICE 2000) or MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger (ICD 2) for full programming, debugging and emulation while high power is connected to the board. In addition, the PICDEM MC board’s isolated serial-port PC interface to the MC-GUI software enables users to modify their application parameters on the fly. The PICDEM MC combines the above features with included hex, assembler and C source files to provide a complete reference design for ACIM and BLDC motor control applications.

Supported by Microchip’s Motor Control Design Centre ( and the free to download MC-GUI, engineers will easily be able to add electronic control to their motor-driven products, reduce development time and costs.

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