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EnergyCompany articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2020 • 22.10.2020


Georgi Rusev, Managing Director of Elsim Commerce, for South-East European Industrial Market


Elsim Commerce manufactures cable harnesses and assemblies with diverse application. How do current restrictions affect your business?

Having started our business in the beginning of 1990 and operated through the entire period of transition up till today, we have gone through crises that came and passed. This gave us the experience and knowledge to be prepared enough to deal with the current circumstances with the utmost care.

We were able not to stop our production during the pandemic in Bulgaria. This was mainly because of two reasons – the first being the very quick reaction of our team in procuring all necessary materials and organizing the respective activities in order to ensure the health and safety of the people. The second reason is the diversity of our business – we manufacture products for all fields of industry – household, power distribution, machine building, medical equipment, construction and road construction tools and machines, etc. We had the chance to enjoy this diversity in the best possible way, because the pandemic hit different sectors in a different period, thus providing us with time to react to all the problems evolving from the situation, but without stopping deliveries to any of our clients. Meanwhile, we had enough time to also meet the needs of some unexpected but very welcome new customers.


You offer automatic cutting, crimping and marking. Could you reveal your approach to satisfying individual customer requirements?

Although we offer pretty much the same services as everyone in our field, what distinguishes us is the ability to manufacture our own production tools and equipment for the last 15 years. With my experience over the last 30 years, I can confidently say that we offer to our clients something, which very few companies can – we solve their problems! In our individual approach we first try to understand their business, identify their problems and find the solutions. Doesn’t matter if it is price or lead time, automation or possibility to implement solutions from other fields of industry – we can do it all.


What is the long-term strategy for expanding your market position?

Since we started there has only been one strategy with several very simple points. As our employees are the company’s main asset, they are constantly improving. Next comes the product they are making, it has to always be perfect. Although it is very hard to achieve zero defective parts or as it is known in the industry 0 ppm, we are getting very close to it. And last but not least is the automation of the production processes. Our experience enables us to achieve automation of processes of the highest level. All of this leads to a slow and steady increase in the number of our clients and their satisfaction. Once they have worked with us, they understand that our competitors cannot provide what we are offering.


9009 Varna
281 Vl.Varnenchik blvd.
T: +359 52 730 794
e-mail: office@elsim.net

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