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Automation & RoboticsInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2014

Dipl. Eng. Georgi Genchev, president of Gemamex Motion Co.
and Alan Song, Europe Regional Manager of INVT

Dear Mr. Song, INVT is a company with an extensive experience in the international market. What is the key to your successful marketing strategy?
Most Chinese companies aim their marketing efforts at foreign countries because of the competition with European, Japanese and other players in the local markets.

The first key point of a successful marketing strategy for sure is the price. But no company could expand in the market using only low prices. The second point, beside the price, is the focus on the quality control. In INVT we have a very good product quality control practice. The third point, and also a necessity for our company, is to constantly improve resources in foreign markets.

INVT is a relatively new brand compared to big companies in the branch. It is not so easy for a Chinese company to compete with others in the European market. We intend to deliver optimal cost effectiveness to our customers by listening to their requirements and responding with quick market measures.

Which are the highlights in your products and services portfolio? What innovative technologies are they based on?
We are developing innovative technologies for the space sector, the industrial automation control applications, etc. Up to now we have submitted a total of 262 patents in China, usable only in our company for the development of industrial automation control solutions. Our scope of activity also covers design and construction of elevators, machine building, construction equipment, invertor solutions, crane control systems, etc.

INVT has been in the inverter business for more than 12 years. At first we were focussed on the domestic markets, dominated by big companies such as Siemens and ABB. Our philosophy today is to fit in new markets according to customers’ requirements. That’s why we don’t only sell standard products, we also offer customization. INVT is focused on future technologies and on enhancing its products in order to find the right place in the European markets as soon as possible.

What place does Bulgaria take in your long-term company strategy? What are the specifics of our market?
Bulgarian market is realitively small in comparison to other European countries. Our strategy here has always been to find a strong partner with whom to develop together in the market. We found the right partner to be Gemamex.

Some of our biggest clients here are in the machine building industry, especially crane builders. Another important segment in Bulgaria is the installation and modernization of elevators. Your country is a travel destination, so here there are a lot of new hotels and also ones in reconstruction that need installation or renovation of elevators.

Dear gentlemen, would you tell us more about the partnership between INVT and Gemamex Motion Co.? In what direction do you plan to develop your cooperation?
Alan Song: Our cooperation has been very good so far. Besides the general application, we are trying to expand our positions and our service in the market. Gemamex is not only our distributor, it is our partner, which means that we work and grow up together.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial automation in the Bulgarian market. This is very important for us. The company has a strong technical background and excellent abilities in sales, which is essential for coping with the market challenges.

Georgi Genchev: Gemamex Motion Co. and INVT are still at the beginning of their partnership. In 2013 we started testing INVT’s products here - products that are being launched in the Bulgarian market. Results are very good so far, after 1 year of tests. Our joint business is starting to grow, the customers are satisfied and we hope for a successful future.

We definitely put a lot of hope in the cooperation with INVT, thanks to the high quality solutions and competitive prices they offer. Partnering with the largest manufacturer of frequency inverters in China is also a great responsibility. We are soon starting to promote frequency inverters for medium voltage, which is a new activity for Gemamex Motion Co. The quality is excellent and the prices are attractive. So we hope for success.

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