Watlow presented EHG SL10 Integrated Controller

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2008

Watlow, a designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, announces the introduction of the EHG SL10 process controller and safety limit, an integrated/adjustable agency recognized safety limit, temperature controller and heater all in one system. The compact design, inherent reliability and integrated limit functions make this system a tremendous value.
Answering the industry’s need for an adjustable set point, Watlow developed the EHG SL10. Customers wanted the ability to adjust a controller’s set point in the field. In addition, they were seeking flexibility in upgrading the device without replacing the entire system. Watlow’s EHG SL10 system includes a compact temperature controller, two thermocouple sensors, power switching device and alert lights for at-temperature notification, power and an out-of-range (high/low temperature) alert all connected to a heater.
“The major advantage of this product over other offerings is that we incorporated all of the needs we heard from many customer visits into one product. It gives the customer the ability to upgrade the base module at any time so they benefit from a relatively low-cost entry point. However, the customer also has the option to increase performance of the product to meet application requirements, without starting over,” said Royce Payton, product manager.
The EHG SL10 process controller and safety limit also features three modules – display only, communications only or display and communications. The display module allows for changes to the controller settings (set point, alert setting, alert settings, on-off or PID control function), while the communications module allows for remote monitoring and adjustment of control settings. This new integrated temperature controller is ideal for foodservice, life sciences, packaging and semiconductor applications.