Vitaminka Macedonia invests in new infrastructure and product line

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The European Bank for Research and Development (EBRD) will give a new loan to the chocolate and crisp snack company Vitaminka AD Prilep. The loan amounting to 2 million euros is a result of the already established business relationships between EBRD and Vitaminka AD Prilep, the EBRD has announced.

So far the prospering company has been given loans, which amount to 9,5 million euros total. The money has been used for improvement of the production facilities, the introduction and development of new energy efficient production lines and packaging equipment.

Vitaminka AD is the leading food producer in Macedonia and is now aiming at becoming a leading player in the South Eastern European region and beyond. It specializes in chocolate confectionery and crisp snacks and it exports 45% of its products to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Croatia, the USA, and Australia among other countries.

The EBRD has explained that the main reason for giving Vitaminka another loan for growth was namely the rapid development and commitment to implementing new technologies that Vitaminka has showed in recent years. The head of the EBRD in Skopje Anca Ioana Ionescu has emphasized that the new loan is another way for EBRD to show its trust in the Macedonian company and to support the Macedonian economy in general.

Sascho Naumonski, the general manager of Vitaminka has given the main reasons for the sustainable growth of the company since its birth in the 1950’s. He explained that innovation and modernization were the primary aims. Those factors, alongside the reasonable price policies of the company, have set it for inevitable growth, according to Naumonski.

Significant improvements have been made into new equipment that has resulted into raising the production quality, the GM of Vitaminka added, which is a necessary point, when a company wants to be a major player in the ever-changing and rapidly growing market.

The EBRD has also announced that it is now in the process of considering a new loan request by Vitaminka. The loan request asks for 4 million euro and if approved would be used for the promotion of new chocolate and soft biscuits line.