Valsteam Adca: We are happy to supply small orders

InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2005

What are the reasons for VALSTEAM to pay attention to South-East European market?

Valsteam Adca is mostly an European company and pretend to be a leader on this market. So, we pretend to increase our business on that countries (even the ones that do not belong to EU). We already export 95% of our production around the world, however, we believe that despite of the currency instability and political reasons our main market should be the European. As a Portuguese/European company we consider all the European countries as preferencial markets.

Which is the most important market among South-East European countries for your company and why?

All them are at the same level. Valsteam Adca is able to supply small quantities to small markets and we are happy to supply small orders. Our company operates in the global market, so, we respect all the markets even if the potential in terms of figures is not so important.

Which is the most attractive part of your company portfolio for the counties from South-East Europe?

All the new products based on high technology like the new control valves and new series of pressure reducing valves. Also some special products like the clean steam sanitary traps.

Could you make a brief technical description of new products that you want to promote in South-East European countries?

The relevant new products are:

  • The UniAdca steam traps range. This system uses only efficient steam traps. It reduces the maintenance to a minimum (since maintenance can be done in 4 minutes only). Since the steam traps used on this system are the most efficient, the customer can save a large amount of money particularly whan the oil cost is increasing everyday. The basis of this system consist on the application of one Universal connector on the pipeline to which the customer can connect a float and thermostatic, bimetallic or thermostatic steam trap. All the traps can be installed in all the plants and maintenance costs are negligible.
  • The pneumatic control valves. This is a project under development and we will offer soon pneumatic control valves specialy designed for temperature control.

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