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Pumps industry production in Turkey began in mid-1950s and the industry started to develop rapidly in the early 1960s. Small and medium size companies dominate the Turkish pumps industry  which comprises approximately 899 manufacturing companies in the sector. Number of people employed in the sector is about 5660.
Pumps are increasingly used in agricultural irrigation and in the manufacturing industry. Nowadays Turkey is trying to improve land and water resources and expand irrigation. Pumps also have a wide variety of applications in almost all subsectors of the Turkish manufacturing industry, mainly in the strong food, chemical, fertilizer and petroleum industry. Other important consumer sectors for liquid pumps are the energy, tourism and building sector.
Industrialization and huge agricultural production have resulted in the emergence of a strong pumps sector in Turkey. Advanced production methods, such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are being carried out successfully in the large sized enterprises. Production planning, quality control and tests are realized by means of modern methods in these enterprises. In addition, research and development work also contributes to the success recorded by these companies. As a result every kind of small capacity pump can be produced in Turkey. In addition, there are a few large sized companies which are specialized in the production of high capacity pumps.
Turkish-made pumps are exported to almost 152 countries in the world. Major export markets are Germany, Iraq, the United Kingdom, the USA, Russian Federation, France and Kazakhstan.
The object of the following article are some of the leading Turkish manufacturers in the field of vacuum and gear pump production and export.

Gucum Pump and Machine Industry Co. is one of the leading companies in the field of vacuum pump technology in Turkey. The company has been manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps since 1970. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are in class of positive displacement pumps. Using the expansion and reduction principal in the cell of impeller blade, they vacuum the gases with a liquid ring. If the appropriate liquid is selected (generally water) all the gases and vapors are moved.
For a liquid ring vacuum pump the final suction pressure is limited with the liquid ring evaporation pressure. During service liquid temperature is 15 0C at the pump discharge vacuum pressure reaches
25 mmHg (33 mbar).
Liquid ring vacuum pumps have a wide application area in industry. Because of their working conditions are in liquid, they are useful for applications which include moisture like filtration, drying, refrigeration and distillation
Gucum’s liquid ring vacuum pumps are used mainly in the food, chemical, plastic, textile, glass, pharmaceutical and brick and tile industry. Other applications of their pumps are at deodorization and refinery applications during manufacturing edible oil; producing yoghurt, milk and juice; producing jam and candies; at the macaroni, tomato paste and conserve factories to remove the vapour; sugar refinery; producing agricultural products, producing amyl; producing cigarettes and alcohol; viscerating poultries, etc.

POM-VAK has been found in Istanbul Ikitelli Organized Zone in 2000. Company is specialized mainly on vacuum pumps - rotary lobe pumps, magnetic driven plastic acid pumps, stainless steel centrifugal pumps and centrifugal pumps that can work against vacuum pressure; liquid ring vacuum pumps; monoblock types; single stage types with big suction capacity at mid-vacuum pressure; oil ring vacuum pump systems; rotary vane vacuum pumps; oil sealed vacuum pumps; dry running vacuum pumps; discharge pumps under vacuum pressure; stainless steel centrifugal pumps; air operated diaphragm pumps, etc.

ARMAS A.S. was founded in 1966 in order to produce commercial vehicle brake system components in Turkey. The manufacturing plant, run by a staff consisting of 10 engineers, 5 university graduated specialists and about 100 trained operators, presently continues producing brake system components utilising 4000 m2 floor space with an additional team of 4 quality control operators and 5 research men.
As the air brake systems producer ARMAS A.S. is one of the leading companies in its product line regarding the technical know-how and production facilities. ARMAS Products are 100 % tested and to comply with rigid specs and subject to extansive test for reliability. A major portion of its products that require precision machining and of paramount importance are manufactured within facilities on various special machine tools while other components and materials are sourced from the local suppliers quality standards remain reliable.

Is a Tukish manufacturer and exporter of gear pumps,acid pumps, centrifugal pumps,vacuum pumps, lobe pumps, diaphragm pumps, monopumps (screw pumps), hot oil pumps,mechanical seals,packing seals,gaskets,oil seals under the brand name "EMSE". The company is based in Istanbul and has a Standards ISO 9001.

The Company is specialized in manufacturing of vacuum pumps and vacuumpackaging machines under the brand names "Zinisan" and "Elephant". "ZINISAN packaging machines are produced with the stress on an optimal natural protectio’ of products in a wide variety of industries worldwide. ZINISAN guarantees affordable top quality in the vacuumpackaging technology. Advanced engineering, modular construction and well-balanced design ensure that the machines perform optimally and are easy to maintain. The variety of machines and possibilities offers the customer an optimal choice for product packaging.

Genel Makina DIS Ticaret A.S. was established in 1967 as a family company. The company is matching small scale producers with many foreign business partners, mainly acting in the field of Machinery and Spare parts for Machinery. The company is producing gear pumps and vortex pumps under the brand name GMS. Production has application in cevher treatment and preparation (dirty water, mud, filter presses, feeds and a mixture of granular suspension), construction and ceramics (plaster, wet cement, bentanit, paints, porcelain clay, the secret, the milk of lime, iron oxide clay); petro chemical textile and refinery (acids, bases, emilsiyonlar, viscous paste, paints, varnish, solvents, oil cakes, soap, cream, shampoo, asphalt, crude oil greases, fuel-oil, paraffin, tar, mineral oils, and contributions, gas, diesel, liquid gases, alcohol, hot oil, hot water, hotmelt), etc.

Basher Pompa is zpecialized in manufaturing of general purpose and internal eccentric rotary positive displacement gear process pumps, helical gear process positive displacement rotary process pumps, single and multi stage centrifugal pumps, conventional cam gear, helix gears, spur gear, with a trio of externally driven gear radius, eccentric palette internally, externally driven gear with a helix, lobe and manufacture of vacuum pumps to perform, other types of pumps, pump parts, filters, separators, connection equipment, production line equipment, dosage pumps, injectors, expansion joints, etc. Basher’s pump have an application in general food, paraffin, glucose, chocolate, water-based fluids, water, general industry, tankers, transfer systems, foundry, icebox, aggressive-corrosive liquids, detergents, glycerine, solvents, molasses, cement, asphalt, fuel-oil, angry fat, oil, LPG, cosmetics and other gas processing, laboratories, high technology, research, medical biotechnological, pharmacological activities, mining, semi-conductors, etc.

King Pompa manufacturing facilities are based in Istanbul, Turkey. The first production unit was made in 1977 and the mass production started in 1982. Companies main activities are in the field of positive displacement pumps and pump production activities in the fields of engineering and the industrial areas. King Pompa is manufacturing gear pumps, petrochemical pumps, food pumps, chemical pumps, paint pumps, pumps with magnetic couplings. Its main product lines are integral series pumps; integral series giant pumps; optimal series pumps; M series pumps; magnetic kaplinli pumps; crawler pumps and pressure valves limitations. All pumps are produces in correspondence with GOST standard.

The Turkish company Net Makina is manufacturing gear pumps, high-pressure gear pumps, safety valves and filters under the brand name NETPOMP. The pumps are designed for different industrial purposes and liquids - glucose, vegetable oils, gelatin, paint, adhesive, solvent, paraffin, glycerin, asphalt, cream, fuel oil, caustics, mineral and natural oils, wine, gum, varnish, hot oils, etc.

The company produced hydraulic dumper gear pump, lower lifting cylinders and gear boxes (p.t.o.) within the first years of its establishment but later enlarged its range of production with a great initiative following 1985 and started to manufacture hydraulic telescopic cylinders, machinery cylinders, piston and gear pumps, gear boxes (p.t.o.) as well as lowering ventile.
The production capacity of the company has reached five thousand pieces per year, continues to be one of the leaders within its sector as well as export its products to the Middle East countries.
Ozenirler is manufacturing four types of pumps with different working pressure and weight - piston pump; gear pump; mechanics gear pump and directional valves.

Yildiz Pompa is involving industry for transferring viscous and semi-viscous fluid from inside the cam gear pumps, food pumps, module gear pumps, gear pumps and the new helix that produces a lobe pump. Its annual production is approximately 2000 pumps.
Companies manufacturing facilities are based in Istanbul at approximately 1200 m2 covered area.
Yildiz pumps are mainly used in food processing, beverages, the dairy products, personal hygiene products, pharmaceutical industry, biological applications, and industrial chemicals.

Yilsa Limited Company is an extension of Yildiz Pump and Machine Industry which was founded in 1976. Yilsa Limited was founded at February 1988 in Adapazari in the presidency of Necati Gokdemir. The company is producing tanker counters, pumps, hose wrapping spools and oil filters which are used in oil tankers. In tanker counter sector, company’s products are national wide known. Yilsa products was been producing under the brand of Yildiz Pump and Machine Indusrty between the 1981 - 1984. Since 1984 the products are made under the national quality document "TSE Kalite Belgesi". In 1997 sales and marketing forces was divided from Yilsa to "Gokpa Oil Equipments Marketing Company".

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