Universal Instruments and Hover-Davis Merge Assembly Competencies into Unovis Solutions

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2006

There is a new assembly solutions provider on the scene. UNOVIS SOLUTIONS was established by merging Universal Instruments’ Advanced Semiconductor Assembly Division, Odd Form Assembly Division and SMT Laboratory with Hover-Davis’s Direct Products Division. The merger is structured to let the four divisions achieve their full potential by leveraging critical mass and generating additional market opportunities. UNOVIS began operations on July 19, 2006, and is led by Roland Heitmann, formerly General Manager of the Hover-Davis Direct Products Division.

By seamlessly integrating the technology portfolios of these divisions of Universal and Hover-Davis, UNOVIS SOLUTIONS offers a broad range of products and services. They include component and die feeders, transport systems, process peripherals, flexible process cells, and complete turn-key assembly systems, all complemented by an extensive array of laboratory services covering product and process design, de-velopment, optimization and testing. From the very beginning, UNOVIS can draw on extensive systems integration experience and long-established relationships with third-party sub-system, equipment, and process partners to tailor comprehensive assembly solutions to customer-specific challenges to complement and enhance in-dustry-standard surface-mount equipment.

By forming UNOVIS SOLUTIONS, Universal Instruments and Hover-Davis are leveraging their core competencies and the synergies between their existing lines of busi-ness. They have been cooperating on customer solutions for a number of years. Now, UNOVIS will be able to provide the maximum focus on their respective markets and customers.

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