Universal Electricity Meter Test Bench with Five Positions TST 3/5 Universal

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Universal Electricity Meter Test Bench with Five Positions TST 3/5 Universal


Meter Testing with Closed U-I Links without Isolating CTs!



The Test Bench is designed in a unique innovative way and is able to test all types of meters with closed U-I links without Isolating CTs. It can test mechanical or electronic meters, single-phase or three-phase; for active, reactive or apparent energy; Tests - Error, Register, Starting Current, No Load, Meter Constant. Pre-defined Test Plans can be executed manually or fully automatic.

The Test Bench consists of the following components:

  • A Three-Phase Voltage Generator EE-500 V/400 VA;
  • Five identical Modules EE-120 A, each comprising a three-phase current generator in the range 1 mA to 120 A (100 VA per phase each) and a three-phase Energy Standard Class 0.04 or 0.02;
  • Meter Suspension Rack with 5 positions for the meters, Scanning Heads with 3D adjustable Mechanical Support, Electronic Port Readers, Error Indicator, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp;
  • PC with EE Software for automatic control, search in Data Base and print of Reports, Data export.



  • Meter Tests with closed U-I links, no need of Isolating Current or Voltage Transformers;
  • Overall Accuracy - 0.04 or 0.02; No additional Error from Isolating CTs or voltage drops;
  • If a meter is missing, no need of re-connections, just switch off the Module;
  • Very light, simple, modular construction; easy for mounting, support & calibration;
  • The needed output power for the current generators is twice less compared with conventional Benches, because of the short cables and lack of Isolating CTs;
  • Meters with different constant and nominal current can be tested on each test position;
  • Automatic reading the meter registers according to IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107 - old);
  • A 10-position Test Bench is also offered - two identical 5-position Benches controlled from a PC.


Block Diagram of the Test Benc

Abbreviations: PS - Power Supply; RCP - Residual Current Device; CB - Circuit Breaker; AMP - Amplifier; TR - Transformer; MEAS - Measuring Unit; CT - Current Transformer; F - Fuse


The five identical modules EE-120A-BENCH are directly controlled from the PC. The energy standard inside each of them is with great accuracy and repeatability. A special program is provided which allows easy calibration with a more accurate standard in automatic mode. The current generation is in wide range, with good stability and able to generate harmonics.



• Current Generation 3 x 1 mA …120 A at 100 VA;
• Energy Standard Class 0.04 or class 0.02;
• Measurement: Wh, VARh, VAh ; 2 W, 3 W, 4 W;
• Multi position Switch for the Module Number;
• Input for the Head; BNC high-frequency input;
• Pulse Output (Fout) proportional to Energy;
• Fuses for each voltage to the meter;
• Audible and LED signal for problem indication;
• Weight - 14.5 kg.


About EMSYST-6 Ltd.

EMSYST-6 Ltd was founded in 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a 100% private company.

The staff of the company consists of highly qualified IT specialists, engineers and technicians with experience in electronics, mechanics and metrology.

The company is specialized in development and production of electricity meter test equipment – portable energy standards and phantom loads and also stationary test benches. The test equipment offered to the market is permanently improved and innovative features are added. The quality of the production is assisted with the established quality system ISO9001: 2015. A certified Laboratory "EMSYST" for calibration was also established and is acting in accordance to the ISO 17025: 2018 standard.

Customers of EMSYST-6 are utilities and metrological laboratories in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Italy, France, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, Bangladesh. In USA and Canada we are selling through our local company TESTMET Inc.



Office 304, BIC IZOT, 133 Tsarigradsko shousse Blvd. 1784 Sofia
Tel: +359 2 971 8350, Fax: +359 2 971 8419
emsyst@emsyst.com, www.emsyst.com



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