Ultra-Small, Low-Power Temperature Sensors from Microchip

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2005

Microchip introduced two temperature sensors that offer low cost, a small SC-70 package and low current consumption of 6 microamps (typical), making them an attractive alternative to thermistors. The MCP9700 and MCP9701 temperature sensors provide a complete solution for thermal protection, temperature measurement or thermal calibration. The low power consumption is less than most of the thermal sensor ICs on the market, enabling longer battery life and reducing selfheating for better accuracy. The low output impedance allows direct connection to an analog-to-digital converter input, without the need for buffering amplifiers. The extremely small SC-70 package (40 percent smaller than a SOT-23 package) and the elimination of external components results in a more compact board layout.