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IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2008

In the series of SEEIM issues we will present you companies working in the field of electronics production in Turkey. First participant in the presentation is Karmet Makinа Elektronik Tasarim A.S.

Karmet Makinа Elektronik Tasarim A.S. was establish in 2005. Company’s ownership is based only on Turkish Investments. Main activity of Karmet is sheet metal processing, metal works. Karmet has laser cutting machines, punch cutting and CNC bending machines, welding and electrostatic painting. Company is specialized in the production of compressor cabinets, CNC milling cabinets, dryer cabinets, UPS cabinets, non-standard rack cabinets, etc. In the factory 48 workers are occupied to produce the metal work. “Our customers give their metal projects and we produce, or we also make the project for them if desired”, says Mr. Firat Gul, Fabric Manager of Karmet Makinа Elektronik Tasarim A.S.

Karmet has one production facility located in Ankara, Turkey. Total production space is 3000 square meters. In the field of electronics top products of company’s product range are three electronic compensation modules (EKM) that compensate each phase individually, more precise and faster, says Mr. Firat Gul. The main application areas of these company’s products is the energy distribution in the facilities.

Karmet R&D department started activity in middle of 2007. Two mechanical engineer (one MS) and three electronics engineer (two MS) have started a few projects. One of them is EKM and the project finished successfully for a six-month work. The other projects still continue. One of the continuing projects is Electronic Regulator without servomotor, faster and wider correction range.

Answering our question “What production and products certificates your company has?”, Mr. Firat Gul says that Karmet Makinа Elektronik Tasarim applied Turkish Standard organization for certification. The Sales Manager of the company is Mr. Harun Gul, Mr. Cengiz Aymergen is R&D Manager of Karmet.

Commenting Turkish market of electronic modules and/or electronic equipment, Mr. Firat Gul says:

“The market at WIN fair shows high interest to EKM due to narrowed reactive energy usage limits in Turkey. Also because of fast and precise correction of cosЦ probably the world market would interest in the product. One of our business partner will exhibit the product at Hannower fair.”

Karmet electronic compensation modules

Among the main features of EKM - electronic compensation modules of Karmet Makinа Elektronik Tasarim A.S. are Inductive and Capacitive Compensation; 20 msn Response Time; Semiconductor Switching; Each Phase Controlled Separately; 32 - 2 Step Resolution; Automatic Failure Detection; Harmonic Suppression; Remote Monitoring and Modular Construction, Easy To Install. Compensation module makes correction 32 step capacitive and minimum 2 step inductive, so works also with small loads correctly. Semiconductors and capacitors are tested periodically to learn early failure. Capacitor operating time is stored and current is measured to change in correct time failed component. Module also has capability of inductive compensation for capacitive loads. Semiconductor switching is made at the peak vale of line voltage to prevent electrical noise and to increase reliability.To change failed capacitors are easy due to special mechanical construction. Compensation always possible due to 20msn response time for arching. Spot welding machines. For the unbalanced loads, compensation works separately for each phase to operate corrective.

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