LightingIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2010

The lighting sector is an exciting and challenging field of the manufacturing industry as it combines art and science. In the present day, the demand for lighting products is not based solely on the simple need for illumination, but also on the desire to add aesthetic value and style to the space.
The Turkish lighting industry was established at the end of the 60s with investment for the production of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Then, investments followed for the production of decorative lighting fixtures at the beginning of the 70s.
Eventually investment in industry gained speed at the beginning of the 90s leading the industry into present day. The industry has shown substantial growth in the past 15 years in terms of production capacity, product quality, design and range.
At present the Turkish lighting market volume is about US $ 350 million of which US $ 130 million belongs to lighting fixtures. In fact, the actual market volume is only one third of that which would be ideally possible if the population of Turkey is taken into consideration. The volume of the world lighting is about US $ 45 billion, of which US $ 35 billion is for lamps and US $ 15 for lighting fittings.
The demand for lighting fixtures has increased in parallel with Turkey’s industrialization, increasing per capita income, increasing urbanization, rising architectural lighting and the changing lifestyles of consumers as well as the increasing number of residential and industrial buildings, offices, shops, sports halls, restaurants, cafes, hotels etc.
In parallel with the revival of the Turkish construction industry in 2005, the lighting industry has enjoyed a good recovery after the years of recession following the 2001 economic crisis. Construction, the manufacturing industry, booming tourism industries and a shift towards energy efficient products are creating a bright future for the Turkish lighting industry. Given that the increasing importance of the environment technologies and the energy efficiency concept, there has been developed new technologies in lighting sector. The energy efficient lights and LED lighting systems gain significance day by day.
The industry produces a wide range of products in the line of indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and industrial lighting ranging from lighting fixtures for residential buildings, offices, sport halls, restaurants, cafes etc. to lighting fixtures for lighting landscapes, building vicinities, emergency lighting, safety lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures for special applications etc.
There are about 50 large scale companies and 300 medium and small scale companies in the industry dealing with production. Most of these companies are in Istanbul with some in Ankara and Izmir.
All the large companies and most of the medium scale companies have international and national quality and safety standards such as ISO 9000 series, ENEC, VDE etc. All companies have affixed the CE Mark on the products since it has been compulsory in Turkey since 2003.
To keep up with the increasing demand and ever changing customer needs and tastes, especially the large scale companies in particular have been involved in research and innovation activities in line with their production. Production technologies have been improved continuously, as well. The large companies realize custom lighting solutions for their clientele by implementing lighting projects using CAD techniques.
There is an industry association in Istanbul that is, “Luminaries Manufacturers’ Association”, AGID in short in Turkish. The Association, established in 1997, represents 32 Turkish companies active in the lighting industry. Its main objectives are the following:  to facilitate networking between members, to encourage and facilitate research and development activities in member companies, to assist member companies in manufacturing products which comply with national and international standards,  to represent and promote member companies in international marketplaces.
“Turkish National Committee of Illumination” (ATMK in short in Turkish), supports scientific national and international research in the industry. It was established in 1995. The Committee is one of the members of the “Commission Internationale L’Eclairage” (CIE).
CIE has 38 member countries. ATMK organizes symposiums every two year, and aims at getting the scientist, designers, professionals and producers together to ensure the exchange of information and knowledge between parties in the industry. Its ultimate aim is to support the development of the Turkish lighting industry. The committee is represented in the Board of Directors of “Lux Europa”.

Turkish lightening products are being exported to more than 100 countries throughout the world. Although financial crisis of 2009, Turkish exports have decreased for only 14 % compared to 2008 and happened as 194 million dollars.
Chandeliers and other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings have been the major product group of sector for Turkey in 2009 with the volume of 83 million dollars, meaning more than 42 % of all of the Turkish Lightening Products exports.
Turkey has an important position in Chandeliers and other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings products in world trade as well. According to 2009 data, Turkey has 28 % market share in this product group.
Although exports to EU countries had a meaning of more than 40 % in 2008, it has declined with the crisis in 2009. At this period, exports to Turkic Countries, Arabian Countries and North African Countries have grown rapidly. Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Germany, Libya, Algeria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Qatar, Greece and United Arab Emirates are the main export markets of Turkey.

Source: IGEME – Export Promotion Center of
Turkey and listed companies web-sites.