Turkish HVAC&R sector grows very fast

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Murat Demirtas, the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Hannover-Messe Sodeks Fuarcilik A.S. in reference to ISK-SODEX in Istanbul, Turkey

How would you comment the HVAC&R sector in Turkey as current state, market growth, trends, etc.?

Turkish economy experiences annual growth rates of 6% to 10% during the last 5 years. HVAC&R sector in Turkey grows even faster, up to more 20% per year. The reasons of this growth are - overall economic growth of Turkey; non-saturated national market; high quality production thanks to highly skilled engineering and labor of the sector; ability of flexible production; reasonable prices because of lower cost of living; geo-strategically advantages of Turkey and organized sector, certified products, new investments in machinery for production.

In which sectors of Turkish economy and in which provinces in Turkey strongest development of HVAC&R market is observed?

Tourism, construction, textile and health sectors increased their investments during the last years. Hence, market of HVAC&R products necessary for these sectors develops. This development can be observed especially for Air Handling Units, Fan Coils, Ducts, Packaged Air Conditioners. On the other hand, 2 large Turkish group started to produce split air conditioners in high quantities, followed by a third one. This local production, foreign competition, lower-than-before prices, developing purchase power and hot summers caused Turkish split air conditioner market to approach 1 million units per year. The export of various goods shows also an accelerated growth.

Do you think that Turkish HVAC&R manufacturers consider countries from SEE region as an important market?

Yes. Turkey is in this area and the capabilities of Turkish HVAC&R sector mentioned above gives important advantages to Turkish companies. Even the market size may not be very large, Turkish companies want to play an active role in the area.

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