Turkey is 16th in global automobile production

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Turkey is 16th in global automobile production


Turkey ranks sixteenth in global automobile production according to research, conducted by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), that was released on October 26 this year.

In the half-year period, Turkey has manufactured 667,592 cars - an increase of 18,4% as opposed to the same period during 2014. Global vehicle production also rose during the first six months of 2015 and was up 0,5% compared to the previous year, the report states.

The world auto production from January to June reached 45,6 million cars, up from 45,4 million in 2014. China still occupies the first place of the list of 20 biggest automobile producing countries with about 12 million motor vehicles produced.

The second-largest economy in the world manufactured more than one out of every four motor vehicles worldwide, which is an increase of 2,6% compared to last year. It was followed by the U.S., with about 6 million, and Japan, with about 4,5 million vehicles.