Torque testing possible now with the new meters of the PCE-DFG N TW series

Electronics Company articles • 19.01.2021

Torque testing possible now with the new meters of the PCE-DFG N TW series
Torque testing possible now with the new meters of the PCE-DFG N TW series


PCE Instruments now offers the proven force gauges of the PCE-DFG N series as PCE-DFG N TW with sensors for torque measurement. With the field-proven meters and the corresponding software, load tests for torque effects can now also be carried out and evaluated. The torque meters are available for maximum torques of 5 Nm, 10 Nm, 50 Nm or 100 Nm. The non-rotating torque transducers can record both clockwise and counter-clockwise torques for the respective measurement ranges.

The compact PCE-DFG N TW devices can be operated via the internal rechargeable battery and can also be used while charging. They are therefore suitable for both stationary and mobile measurements. The 2.8 inch TFT display shows the measurement curve, first peak, minimum and maximum as well as the set sampling rate and the upper and lower alarm value simultaneously with the current reading. This gives you a quick overview of all important data and also shows the chronological course of the measured values.

The torque tester is ideally suited for the calibration and adjustment of torque spanners and torque screwdrivers. With the appropriate screwdriving simulators, the static transducer can also measure the torques of rotating tools and components. The external torque transducer has a 1.5 m long sensor cable for connection to the handheld unit. Via four drill holes in the base plate, the sensor head can be screwed on test stands, work tables or other holding devices in any orientation.

The adjustable alarm limits can be used to simplify the continuous testing of tools set to the same torque values. In the device menu, the user can select whether the alarm should be triggered when the values are within or outside the limits. The test can also be carried out directly at the place of use of the tools, which saves time.

In the internal memory of the PCE-DFG N TW, up to 100 series of measurements comprising 8,000 measurements each can be saved. The sampling rate for the measurements can be set from 6 to 1,600 Hertz. The high sampling rates enable detailed recording of torque curves during load tests.

The data can be read out via the USB interface or transferred directly to a PC during the measurement. A suitable USB cable and the evaluation software are included in the delivery. With the software, the data can be displayed graphically and in tabular form in a detailed and clear manner and can also be printed or exported for further evaluation or documentation.

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