TMTS 2014 Highlights: YCM

MachinesEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2015

Founded in 1954, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries specializes in machine tools manufacturing. YCM focuses on in-house productivity. Thus far, YCM has successfully developed the universal milling head and 4/5th axes rotary table. YCM CNC control teams work on designing software for the product line and has successfully created its own software, i-Operation Plus and i-Direct. YCM’s specialized facility of foundry is transplanted from Germany and produces rigid Meehanite casting iron.

”In the machining factory, YCM imported Yasda, Studer, and Sumitomo equipment. The whole machining line is done in a temperature-controlled environment to assure high quality and accuracy. In the assembly factory, YCM innovated an unique form, is called ”one piece flow”, the company points out.

YCM has built a complete worldwide sales network with more than 50 service locations in the world. The company has its own assembly factory in China. In 2007 YCM founded a technical center in Malaysia and even started warehouses in Europe to get closer to its worldwide customers.