TME, SEEIM - issue 3, 2011


VISATON loudspeakers in the TME‘s range of products

The TME company has recently become an authorized distributor of the German company VISATON - a well-known loudspeakers manufacturer. Next to the highly valued high-end and car loudspeakers, VISATON also offers various types of industrial loudspeakers for sound signalling and to play the music and speech in different types of equipment and appliances, in buildings, halls and in the open air, in industry and public space in various types of public and private means of transport. This is the range of professional products that TME focuses on.

A large part of VISATON‘s offer comprises classic unshielded broad-band loudspeakers with round or oval membranes and standard dimensions enabling easy incorporation (Fig. 1) the loudspeakers are characterized with a broadband, balanced transmission characteristics, relatively high rated power and efficiency. Thanks to the above features, they are suitable for various types of sound systems for interiors, vehicles and other interior applications which require good reproduction of music and speech.

A good example of a product representing this group is FR-13, a 13 cm loudspeaker with the impedance of 4 W and rated power of 30W. Due to a special design, it offers very good parameters in the range of low tones and uniform characteristics in a broadband (65...20000Hz). Another type, an oval FR9.15, is distinguished by low embedding depth - only 29 mm - with the impedance of 4 W and power of 15 W and well-balanced characteristics in the range of 75...16000 Hz.

Magnetically shielded speakers

A distinguished group is one of magnetically shielded speakers designed for applications sensitive to the magnetic field effect. One of them, R10SC, a 10 centimeter broadband speaker is characterized with a high efficiency and balanced frequency response. It is especially suitable for sound systems in public applications and public transport systems. It is characterized with the impedance of 4 W and the power of 20 W with the band of 100...13000 Hz. SC5.9ND shielded speaker, which is considerably smaller, offers similar advantages - oval membrane and neodymium magnet, occupying the space of 90x50 mm, however, its depth is only 30 mm. Its impedance is 8 W, the power of 3 W, and the band 150...17000 Hz.

Ceiling speakers

So called ceiling speakers with integrated frontal covers are suitable for fitting in ceilings and walls. For example, economic DL8 speakers are designer to be used in confined spaces. They have white dummies and require fitting holes with the diameter of 81 mm and depth of only 38 mm. The fastening is ensured by elastic catches. They are characterized with impedance of 8 W, power of 10 W and band of 90Е18000 Hz.

For the rooms with high humidity and outside, the most appropriate speakers will be FR-WP ceiling speakers (Fig.2).This series comprises several types with fitting holes‘ diameters from 73 to 141 mm. Membranes, baskets, as well as speakers‘ grills are made of plastic, and complete leakproofness (IP 65) and resistance to corrosion are ensured by covered magnet and terminals coated with silicone. Additionally, wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to +80oC - enables even sea applications. The speakers are characterized with impedance of 4 or 8 W and the power from 15 to 60 W. The band of the lowest in the series is 100...20000 Hz, and the biggest one - FR16WP - 16...15000 Hz.

Mylar speakers

The next essential group in the VISATON offer comprises speakers with mylar membranes. A wide scope of operating temperatures (from -40 to +70oC) and leak-tight performance (IP65) allow their usage outside, in severe atmospheric conditions (Fig 3) Thanks to small dimensions they are ideal in applications with a very limited fitting space. Low power in the range of 1-2W, and slightly worse characteristics make them more appropriate for signalling and voice applications.

For example, the smallest loudspeaker from the whole K28WP family measures 28 mm of diameter and 5,5 mm of depth. Its rated power is 1 W? and band 300...20000 Hz. The biggest K64WP has dimensions of 64 and 19 mm respectively and parameters of 2 W and 200...15000 Hz.

Miniature speakers

VISATON offers even smaller speakers. The K16 measures only 16 mm of diameter and 3,5 mm of thickness, and terminals in the form of loose conduits (Fig. 4). It is fitted by means of a adhesive strap. Its parameters are far from being impressive - impedance of 50 W, rated power of 0,5 W, the band of 700...20000 Hz - that is why it is designed rather for playing sound signals, but even in the smallest and most tightly packed applications and equipment. Specially designed speaker for brazing on the K23 board has similar use, with the diameter of 23 mm and thickness of 8,6 mm. Its working parameters are as follows: 8 W, 0,2 W, 900...16000 Hz. Whereas, a miniature speaker with K20.40 oval membrane is appropriate for voice reproduction, despite its surface is only 40 x 20 mm, and thickness only 8 mm. At the same time, its impedance is 8 W, power of 1 W and the band of 300...20000 Hz.


So called exciters represent a very interesting design - electrodynamic transducers. A membrane has been replaced with elastic plate, to which they are attached (Fig. 5). They work perfectly in the situations when due to esthetic, design or environmental reasons classic speakers cannot be used. The advantages of the above solution include: invisibility of the speaker from outside, protection against adverse influence of the environment and simplicity of fitting. However, there are also disadvantages: low efficiency, high probability of disturbance or sound insulation, high dependence of emitted sounds on the material, dimensions and shape of the activated surface. Anyway, in some cases exciters might turn out to be the best solution or even be irreplaceable. VISATON offers two types of exciters, EX45S and EX60S, with different dimensions and power, 10 and 25 W respectively.

The above description of the most important group of VISTON industrial speakers is out of necessity short and incomplete, however, the presented examples should illustrate the diversity of the offer and the most important features of individual speakers, essential for various professional applications. If you are interested in more precise technical and trade information, please visit the Website of the distributor: