TME, SEEIM - issue 3, 2010


Product NEWS from TME

TME offer includes MFC12x, MFF12x, MFI12x, MFT12x smart connectors. The connectors are used to adopt any binary sensor with standard M12 connector. Standard sensor functions are enhanced with:

•manually programmable pulse counter with counting range from 1 to 65535 pulses (MFC12x connector),

•manually programmable movement module which detects frequency changes (MFF12x connector),

•inverter of the output function and polarisation - changes PNP polarisation of the sensor to NPN polarisation (MFI12PN4 connector) or NPN to PNP (MFI12NP4 connector). The output type also can be switched: from NO to NC or NC to NO,

•manually programmable timer (MFT12x connector),

The connectors are connected between sensor and connecting cable without use of any additional mounting accessories. Function programming is made by connecting high signal to learning input and forcing required event sequence in the range of the sensor. Programmed values are stored in EEPROM memory and are not deleted in the case of power failure.

Increasing output load capacity to 400 mA is the connectors additional advantage.

CRT-V1 timer in TME offer

The TME offer includes the CRT-V1 timer which is manufactured by the Polish company COBI ELECTRONIC. The transducer offers 16 universal time functions and can operate in a delta-star switch, crosspoint switch or automatic landing switch configuration. Thus, the CRT-V1 replaces various types of timers, having a very attractive price. The timer functions are configured through push-buttons on the front panel. A 7-segment LED display located above the push-buttons displays the settings selected during configuration and informs about the relay status during the timer operation. Time is measured within the range of 0.01 sec. to 100 hours by two separate time modules. Settings accuracy and repeatability is 0.01 s. All operational parameters are stored in a non-volatile EEPROM memory. Actuating elements of the timer are two relays with contact loads 16 A/250 VAC. Depending on the program selected the contacts operate in NO configuration or as switchable relays (R1 as NO contact, R2 as NC contact)

The CRT-V1 timer can be supplied with 24...250 VAC 50/60 Hz or 24...250 VDC. The guaranteed breakdown voltage between the input and output is lower than 2.5 kV. The timer is available in a modular, 17.5 mm wide housing of IP20 sealing class. The housing is adopted to DIN rail mounting. Working temperature range is 20°C...+50°C.

Industrial A106BG pressure transducers in TME offer

TME offer includes A-10 series pressure transducers designed to various industrial applications. Maximum measured pressure of these transducers is - depending on type - 1, 6, 10, 16, 25, 100, 250 or 400 bar, while nominal pressure is always (for each model) 0 bar. The transducers feature a unified design, which facilitates installation. They are adopted to G1/4 process connections and electrical terminals: DIN 175301-803 A or C, M12x1. It is also possible to output the signals by the use of loose 2 m long wires. The offered transducers are of two type output versions: 4...20 mA current loop or 0...5 V voltage output. The manufacturer warrants correct operation of the transducers in temperatures of the medium and environment ranging from 0 to +85°.

The range of application of the A106BG family pressure transducers is very wide, including among others: control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics and refrigerating systems. The transducers can be used to control and regulate working parameters of pumps, compressors, engines, breaking systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems etc.

Thermal vision camera Flir b40

Thermal vision cameras by FLIR AB—a leader in this field of products, are available in the TME’s range of products. One of the most popular products is FLIR B40. This simple to operate device integrates the functionalities of a thermal vision camera and a digital photographic camera. Equipped in a detector with sensing matrix 120x120 pixels in size it detects temperature in range from -20єC to 120єC. It is characterised by high thermal sensitivity of 0.1єC and regulated emissivity (in range from 0.1 to 1) which considerably increases the precision of temperature measurements. All of this can be observed on a 3.5 LCD. Additionally, this camera has a function of displaying thermal vision picture, visible light picture and PIP (Picture in Picture).

Two LED’s allow conducting measurements in darkness, and the acquired radiometric picture is saved to a microSD 1GB memory card in a JPG format. The pictures can be consequently sent to a PC through USB interface and fully processed in the scope of thermal vision with the use of an included Quickreport software.

Thanks to its capabilities FLIR B40 has a broad application scope in building engineering as a diagnostic device. It helps identifying not only improperly mounted windows or doors, but also electrical faults, and even locating a source and location of a water leak.

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