TME, SEEIM - issue 1, 2010



supplier of electronic components

TME is a European provider of electronic and electrotechnical components, workshop and automation equipment. The company headquarters and warehouse are located in Poland with divisions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Company cooperates with customers from over 40 countries and employs over 200 persons, including electronics, automation, mechanical engineers, who support you and resolve your technical problems.

TME accept wholesale and retail orders. Distributor can also provides you with products not included in regular offer. The company cooperates with hundreds of worldwide manufacturers, which ensures high quality of the products. Since 1998 the company is ISO9001 certified.

TME offer includes products from such product groups as:

semiconductors, passive components, connectors, cables and accessories, electrical engineering, automation components, energy sources, light and sound, measuring instruments, soldering equipment, tools, mechanics and many others.

TME website offers modern and reliable purchase system and innovative way of searching components. Due to on-line system the customers have a constant (24 hours/7 days) access to continually updated information about stock on hand, delivery time and prices. The on-line easy registration system enables to access all these functionalities and advanced search engine facilitates to find needed components among almost 70 000 products.

Modern series of Solder Peak 60W and 80W solder stations in TME offer

TME offer has been enriched by new Solder Peak solder stations. This modern series of solder stations meets all the requirements of work in lead- free technology. The stations are equipped with high quality ceramic soldering iron tips and the power is controlled with the use of a microprocessor, which allows to achieve excellent temperature stability (approx. ±3 oC) and rapid heat- up. Lightweight, ergonomic housing equipped with a flexible power lead provides a comfortable working environment. The housing is made of material preventing from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The housing features a 4 mm socket for connection to the anti- static installation. The power versions available (60 W and 80 W) provide optimum performance for work of different kind and intensity. Two temperature adjustment methods are available: analogue (60 W only: SP-60A) and digital (60 W and 80 W: SP-60D and SP-80D). Solder stations featuring digital adjustment are equipped with 3 rapid temperature change buttons and allow for temperature calibration. The solder stations mate the Long- Life soldering iron tips of SP-60xx series.

Infrared cameras i5, i40, i50, i60 manufactured by Flir

The TME’s offer within the range of measuring instruments has been extended with infrared cameras manufactured by Flir Systems - the world leader on the thermovision field. The offer includes the „i series of industrial infrared cameras characterised by excellent quality of workmanship while ensuring an affordable price. The „i series cameras have relatively small dimensions and lightweight what makes them perfect, handy instruments for maintenance teams or servicemen. Easy operation makes an infrared cameras newcomer can easily learn rules of operation and use. The wide range of products enables to choose a right device for user’s individual needs. The cameras are dust and splash-proof ensuring the IP54 protection degree. The equivalent of the „i series industrial cameras but dedicated for building industry are cameras with the „b symbol. They have much narrower range of the temperature measurement with much higher thermal sensitivity. Thank to this fact, the cameras can detect the smallest changes in temperature, which facilitates detection of thermal bridges or damped places. All cameras are delivered with software for image analysis and easy creation of reports in PDF format.

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