Third Edition of Energy and Construction Exhibition in Albania

EnergyEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2016

Third Edition of Energy and Construction Exhibition in Albania

From 27 to 29 October this year the 3rd edition of the International Energy and Construction Exhibition will be held in Tirana, Albania. The event is being organized by the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry, Tirana Expo Centre, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Albania, and will meet representatives of different institutions and companies to enhance business relations and focus on issues such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, use of alternative energy, and construction.

Except its role as a business spot, the exhibition aims at serving as an economic forum where governmental officials and business enterprises will gather to discuss the challenges of the energy and construction sector in Albania and the Western Balkan region, and provide solutions as well. There will be additional events which will encourage business development and establishment of new connections.

The edition of Energy and Construction Exhibition that took place last year is reported to have managed to make important business relations and attract a fair number of targeted visitors. The supporting programme including conferences, workshops and B2B meetings has resulted in new business opportunities for the visitors and exhibitors, the organizers emphasized.

It is expected that many participants working in both the power and construction industries will exhibit at the forthcoming event. Renewable and non-renewable energy companies and companies that focus on better work efficiency will represent the power industry.

There will be companies that convert, trade, construct and install sources of winter energy, solar energy, water energy, and energy from biomass. Companies for extraction, processing, transportation and trading of hydrocarbon will stand for the non-renewable energy.

Companies for assessment, design and construction of gas stations for the processes of extraction, processing, logistics and sales will complement the range of non-renewable energy companies. Companies for the processing of coal will also exhibit at the third edition of the International Energy and Construction Exhibition.

Various companies that will participate with booths at the exhibition trade will represent more than 20 categories of the construction industry. These are enterprises working in furniture, construction, design and furnishing, doors and windows, urban designing, facades and clothing, metallic structures and profiles. Other categories include electric materials, timber - polyester, conditioning products, construction and finishing materials, elevators, coverings and roof accessories, industrial gases, building management systems, smart home, etc.

The multi-leveled structure of the exhibition that includes exposure and additional activities such as conferences and competitions will serve as an economic forum, aiming to identify the problems and challenges of these two essential industries in the light of the economic situation of Albania and the region. There will be a conference on this topic, which will be attended by private sector representatives, institutional representatives and foreign investors.

The International Energy and Construction Exhibition in Tirana will introduce two special activities - an award for best student project and an Innovation award that will be given by the organizers of the event. The best student project will bring to its creator a scholarship in an eminent academic institution in Albania.

Tirana Expo Centre and the Ministry of Energy and Industry will grant an Innovation Award to the exhibitor that presents the most innovative products or services. The exhibitors, the Ministry of Energy and Industry in Albania, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will set the criteria for evaluation and will chose the winner of the innovations awards.