The metal fabricated parts maker in North Macedonia Aktiva expands production

MachinesBusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2019 • 07.11.2019

The Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced its plans to provide an EUR 5 million loan to one of the leading metal processing and construction companies in North Macedonia Aktiva. It will allow the successful SME Aktiva to upgrade its production and coating facilities. The funds are aimed to support the manufacturer’s expansion into supplying international companies with metal fabricated parts. Thanks to the investment the leading metal fabricated parts producer will become more competitive on the local and foreign market.

“The loan will be used to complete Aktiva’s EUR 10 million investment programme in upgrading production and coating capacity, including the installation of a new KTL (electro) coating line. It will support the company in becoming one of the leading regional “one-stop shop” metal engineering and processing companies. The project aims to help the company grow its metal processing segment and increase the export share of this business segment”, the EBRD said in a press release.

Founded in 1999 in Stip, North Macedonia, Aktiva is a diversified company with high reputation and undeniable legitimacy in the metal industry, encompassing the services of design, construction and supervision of all types of buildings, production of steel constructions and production of metal components for automotive industry, railway and other industrial equipment. Aktiva provides metal fabrication services, as well as engineering, supervision and construction services for steel construction facilities.

Starting with mini-technologies and several employees in the course of its operations adjustments to the modern dynamic flows to achieve further development and market needs, allowing strong growth and grew into a top production capacity in the metal industry including all elements of the craft-final work, as well as production of the necessary process technology equipment, the company’s corporate website says.

During its twenty years of existence Aktiva succeeded to be distinguished on the market as a brand that is a synonym for quality and on-time construction and from 2014 till now as a trusted and reliable supplier of metal components for companies from the automotive and metal industry. In 2014 Aktiva Automotive was established as a manufacturer of body and chassis component parts supplies products and services with superior quality on schedule and at competitive price. 2017 was finished with extension of the existing production plant and capacity duplication of work and employers.

Since entering the metal fabricated parts market in 2014, in cooperation with the Belgian bus producer Van Hool – one of the biggest foreign direct investors in North Macedonia, Aktiva has also started producing metal fabricated products for other international companies including Fast and ThyssenKrupp.

“In line with the EBRD’s recently approved Country Strategy for North Macedonia, this financing supports and enhances value chain linkages in the private sector. The upgrade is planned at a time when growing numbers of large international companies are outsourcing and partnering with strategic reliable suppliers in South-eastern Europe, which can provide quality, flexible and competitive production as well as quick logistics”, the Bank added.

To date the EBRD has invested nearly EUR 1,9 billion in 117 projects in North Macedonia, with a focus on supporting the country’s integration into regional and global markets.