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Electronics NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2010

The latest product in the family of professional battery charging systems from Fronius International GmbH is Acctiva Professional 35A. The new battery charging system is completely safe for vehicles, on-board electronics and batteries - even during servicing, vehicle diagnosis and software updates in the workshop. The professional Fronius device guarantees a continuous power supply of 35A, regardless of whether 6, 12 or 24 volt batteries are being charged.
Just like the previous Acctiva Professional model, the Acctiva Professional 35A is 100% electronically safe and therefore the ideal all-round charging system for the workshop. It surpasses its predecessor with 5 A more power and a redeveloped display as well as premium terminals and variable plug-in charging and mains cables.
Based on this requirement, the Acctiva Professional 35A was designed with a new display that built on a Fronius concept orien-tated towards providing an intuitive and reliable control environment. The Acctiva Professional 35A is therefore very easy to use. An animated display guides users through the correct sequence of steps to be taken. Charging current, charging voltage and number of ampere hours of charging are also clearly shown.
Concentrated charging during servicing and diagnosis, after deep discharging and when changing a battery. The different functions - service charging, trickle charging for diagnosis purposes, a back-up mode for changing the battery, a refresh facility for sulphated batteries and a power supply mode - are also clearly displayed.

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