The first Center of Small Business opened in Serbia

BusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2016

The first Center of Small Business in Serbia opened in one of the cities in the central region of the Serbia - Kragujevac. The center is part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) and aims at improving business environment for small and medium sized enterprises, increasing qualifications of workers, helping boosting employment, strengthening the local economy and supporting the project "Year of the Entrepreneurship", CCIS representatives announced.

The center combines the efforts and experience of both governmental institutions and private businesses in order to enhance the vision of small and medium sized enterprises and of workers as well. The first Center of Small Business in Serbia will serve the needs of business companies and workers in the region of Sumadija District.

It is planned that the first Center of Small Business in Kragujevac be followed by the building and opening of other centers of small business in Serbia with equivalent functions, the president of CCIS Marko Cadez has explained. The Center of Small Business in Kragujevac will offer information and tools for both new companies or companies with long term presence on the market that want to boost their business.

They will be taught how to create a business plan, how to check their business ideas and how to analyse the business environment along with what to do to obtain official registration. The new companies will be supported with information and assistance through their first year of doing business. On the other side, the Center of Small Business in Kragujevac will also help workers who have become redundant for their current employers to get information how to qualify and find new job positions.

"The Center of Small Business will gather starting companies and the Incubator Center, and will provide the necessary environment for collaboration. It will assist and support the 850 workers in Fiat Serbia who are going to be cut from their working positions," said the president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac Predrag Lucic.

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