The EMCO Group

Company articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2007

The story of success of EMCO Group began nearly 60 years ago with the production of conventional lathes. The Austrian-based group of companies has meanwhile become one of the top machine tool manufacturers in Europe with production sites in Austria, Italy, in the Czech Republic and in Germany. Innovative products, a high standard of production and an attractive design, are the primary factors for success of a company geared to confront the challenges of the market as early as possible. On an international scale, the EMCO Group is active in the following sectors: 

Innovative machine tools-
Complete supplier for the machining industry.

The production of complex CNC machine tools for the turning and milling is EMCO’s main line of business. The company stands for high quality, innovative machine tools that are optimized in terms of the cost-benefit ratio. Customer specific solutions are the goal of the company that continually strives to find rational production processes to enhance the competitiveness of its customers.

Concerning lathes, the new E series including the E65, E45 and E25 models, shows that EMCO implements this focus and that the market readily accepts it. With the HYPERTURN and MAXXTURN modes series EMCO offers its customers the latest generation of machines with a high rationalization potential. The HYPERTURN model series is a modular concept for a multi-axis system designed to machine complex turned and milled parts. The MAXXTURN series sets a new standard for CNC turning centers.

With EMCO FAMUP, a renowned Italian producer of milling and machining centers, EMCO offers a complete line of production machines for the machining industry.

EMCO FAMUP currently presents its cutting-edge 5-axis machining center LINEAR MILL 600, a condensate of innovative technologies dedicated in particular to the mould and die production.

EMCO MECOF, the world leader in the production of high speed and high accuracy milling and boring machines, completes the product range of EMCO Group. The high speed milling machines are used by the most advanced manufacturers for high technology machining for: production of moulds, dies, prototypes, thermoforming, forging, die-casting; accuracy general engineering: earth working machines, forming and moulding presses, machines for food industry, structural components of automatic machines; aerospace: machining of structural parts and of motor components, gauges, frames, fixtures etc.

In the production machines range, offered by EMCO Group, are included the universal turning and milling machines made by the site of the company - INTOS in the Czech Republic.

Industrial Training Systems
Professional development and training systems for the CNC professionals

EMCO is engaged in the training and the continuing education sector too. This and the quality of the products and services offered have made EMCO the global market leader in the training sector. EMCO’s training equipment with regard to operation and functions, takes industry as a model and comes with ingenious, exchangeable CNC controls. EMCO is the only company in the world that offers this type of equipment. Approximately 19,000 units totally are currently in operation. In close collaboration with technical schools, universities and industrial users, EMCO trains technicians in countries with industry based training and ongoing professional development. About 10% of the Group’s sales are generated in the Industrial training systems Division and the international project sector.

EMCO machining days

EMCO has hold in Hallein/Salzburg between 24 and 27 April 2007 one of Austria’s most informative events about machining. Under the slogan “EMCO-Designed for your Profit”, the machine builder had put on show its broad product range in the areas of turning, milling and complete machining. In its recently opened, ultra modern demonstration center, interested customers viewed the latest machines in action. 32 highly reputable co-exhibitors framed the EMCO program, exhibiting their turning, milling, erosion and grinding products in this center and in a specially erected exhibition hall. In cooperation with all of the big name toolmakers – including Ceratizit, Sandvik and Walter – productive applications and solutions on the most varied of EMCO turning and milling machines were displayed. Manufacturers of peripheral systems like the measuring equipment maker Marposs, Zoller with its tool presetting equipment and the chucking tool specialist Rцhm, as well as the EMCO partner FESTO, a specialist in pneumatics and mechatronics, completed the range of exhibitors.