The e-F@ctory Alliance future development

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2009

New partnerships announced by Mitsubishi Electric are helping to develop the e-F@ctory Alliance - extending the boundaries of data use beyond factory automation.
This year’s SPS/IPC Fair, at Nuernberg in November, sees the official announcement of a number of strategic partnerships between Mitsubishi Electric and a group of specialist data and software solution providers, with the aim of extending the scope of the company’s e-F@ctory Alliance.
The list includes companies as diverse as specialist integrators of SAPi solutions, vertical sector experts and developers of mobile communications, to companies offering open programming environments and network databases. The aim is to open the doors to Mitsubishi’s advanced automation technology to a wider range of developers and systems specialists, allowing them to develop new solutions for customers with far higher levels of interconnectivity and functionality than ever before.
As more IT systems are employed by the manufacturing industry, in order to remain competitive, an increasing amount of shop floor information has to be integrated into wider company systems; from advanced plant control and monitoring, through to integrated production, accounts and purchasing systems.
Without a unified solution, which provides a transparent view of the business and manufacturing systems, the sheer volume and diversity of data required can overwhelm system users. The answer is e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric’s vision for manufacturing that unifies its leading technology control hardware and networks with enterprise IT systems offered by strategic partner companies.

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