Temperature Sensors and Transmitters Manufacturers in South-East Europe

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Temperature is the most monitored parameter and plays a major role in various industrial areas, especially in critical and hazardous ones. Applications span medical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, metals, food and beverage, automotives and continuous-process applications. Temperature sensing has been growing steadily in importance, playing a vital role in industrial and R&D settings as well.

The Southeast Europe temperature sensors and transmitters market is highly competitive, with a large number of participants. We present information about few of the local manufacturers. All the data used in the article is based on materials provided by company’s or their websites.

Bulgarian company COMECO is based in Plovdiv. It designs and produces wide range of sensors - temperature, humidity, level, temperature transmitters, and also control devices, actuator control products, etc. Another aspect of COMECO’s business is the accredited laboratory for calibration of temperature, humidity and pressure testing and measurement equipment.

is Turkish company based in Bursa. EMKO is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of measurement and control instruments and temperature sensors. The production program includes measurement & control devices, TC & RTDs, humidity & temperature transmitters, generator set products. Its product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production and other sectors, with regard to the automation and process-control materials and services that they require.

FBS ELEKTRONIK is one of the largest sensor producers in Slovenian market. Its product range includes inductive, capacitive, magnetic switches, temperature probes (PT100/1000, NTC, PTC, PT elements) and electronic circuits on customer demands. The company is also a distributor of industrial connectors, optical sensors, reflectors and scanners, vision sensors, aplication sensors and light curtains, RFID tracking systems, safety switches, limit switches, pressure switches, electronic sensors, etc.

Turkish company LONCA has provided services in measurement-control devices field since 1984. While it was dealing with only sales in Karakoy at the beginning, it found opportunity to observe requirements of the market and it started importation of humidity, temperature, pressure and flow measurement equipment. LONCA noticed that one of the market requirements was also domestic production of level sensors in 2001. It decided to produce wide range of assortment in the level sensors with high quality and economically according to requirement, in the short period and started production with the brand of ENSIM. Its product range of temperature measurement and control devices include temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, temperature switch /thermostat, temperature detectors, pt100 thermoresistans and thermocoupls.

Bulgarian company MICROSYST is a manufacturer of large variety of technical systems for automation of production processes. It has its own facilities - commercial and production, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and equipped with precision instrumentation, test, computer and office equipment, machines and tools to ensure the manufacturing and trade activity of the company. The production program includes control & measuring technique for automation of technological processes; datalogging systems for various technologic processes; hand held and laboratory devices; analyzers for products of food industry; control & measuring technique for manufacturing and packaging of food etc.; specialized control systems at client’s request; water preparing and water treatment systems; technique for alternative energy source.
Microsyst also has an Аccredited laboratory for calibration of measuring devices equiped with top tier calibration and measurement instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity and process signals as well.

NAKRA was established in 1990 in Radnevo, Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is design, engineering and delivery of control-measurement gauges, cables and equipment for industrial automation. NAKRA performs assembly and puts into operation systems for automated control. In 2010 the company started production of temperature sensors for the industry and now it offers most of the main types of thermocouples and thermoresistors. Its partners are European and world producers and suppliers of gauges, cables and equipment for flow, temperature and pressure measurement as well as industrial automation NAKRA.
The company has a modern base in Radnevo with 500 m2 storage areas, a mechanical workshop, three laboratories equipped for testing and repairing of gauges for technological measurements - temperature, pressure and industrial automation.

NAKRA offers almost all types of temperature sensors: thermocouples, RTD. The sensors can be made in four basic types, as well as by customer drawing. All temperature sensors meet the standards EN 60584 - for thermocouples; EN 60751 - for RTD; ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management.

Sensor-NITE Industrial, headquartered in Sofia, was established in 2005. The company offers high temperature sensors for the automotive industry.Sensor-Nite Belgium, which was acquired by Belgian contract electronic manufacturer EPIQ in 2001, set foot on the Bulgarian market in 2002 when the pilot production was relocated from Belgium to EPIQ Bulgaria.

Slovenian company STRIP’s, with headquarter in Kandrse, is a producer of high tech and innovative products. Main focus is in production of temperature and level sensors, electronic EMS/ODM and LED modules for different industries like white goods, water treatment, refrigeration and medicine. As a TIER 1 or TIER 2 supplier it is working as a pre-development or development partner in close collaboration with many well established OEM’s like Gorenje, BSH, EBM PAPST, AHT, PARItec and many others.

LED lighting for washing, drying and dishwashing machine, LED modules for deep freezing refrigeration units, level sensors and many different products from the field of EMS (own design or blue print) are the core products - competences of Strip’s.

UTECO A.B.E.E. is the biggest manufacturer of temperature sensors in Greece. The construction of temperature sensor is custom made in order to cover the demands of the application requested as well as the demands of the military standards. Product range includes Resistance Thermometers (PT 100 etc); Thermocouples (K, J, T, R, S, etc); Thermistors; Special Cables and Accessories for the above.

UTECO A.B.E.E. is located in Piraeus, in a building of 1400 m2 with high technology manufacturing, testing and measurement laboratory, the quality assurance, the complete processing of all of the company’s services and its sound organization guarantee the constant high quality of all the company’s products and services.

is Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial control and measurement equipment, located in Plovdiv. Production program includes temperature probes, probes for relative humidity, probes for level, controllers, indicators, timers, counters, dataloggers.

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