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Electron Consortium JSC
Electron Consortium is specialized in transfer of technologies and know-how, industrial cooperation, engineering, agency and trade activities in the field of telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electronics and radio equipment, security systems, production of electronic tools, special and civil equipment, etc. The company has research and development facilities, equipped with modern measuring equipment, and highly technological production facilities for assembling PCBs. ... more
COMET Electronics
Comet Electronics was established in 1991 in Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is concentrated on the import, export and distribution of electronic components for industrial purposes. Comet Electronics offers full service starting from PCB design, supply of electronic components, bare PCBs and PCB Assembly services. The commercial activity of the company covers Bulgaria and the Balkan region. Comet Electronics serves more than 5000 middle and small scale manufacturing and trading companies. It is the main supplier of ... more


Bulgarian company Centillion was established in 1998. The company’s activities and expertize include production of electronic modules and products in the field of the medical electronics; control and monitoring systems with applications in the research and development sphere, medicine, military industry and many others; optics, telecommunications and industry. The production process includes activities on pick&place automated assembly, through-hole (TH) assembly, mechanical assembly, and the related technological processes. The company is also involved in the production of semi-finished and finished ... more
AMK electronics specializes in research, development and manufacturing of electronic devices from DC to microwave. The company has a team with good experience in design and producing. It has a possibility to produce prototype and big volume electronics devices. ... more
Electronic Manufacturing Services in Bulgaria
The Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is amongst the most dynamically developing sub sectors in the electronic production industry. There are serious and complex preconditions for the ubiquitous growth in this field in both Europe and globally. Most of the companies in the industry are constantly widening their range of offers, which generally comprises a wide portfolio of services - from manufacturing of boards to more specific manufacturing activities. Nowadays most of the EMS companies provide all of the manufacturing resources for ... more
HSIC versus USB
A look at the advantages of HSIC over USB and the connection procedures that are involvedAndrew Rogers, Microchip Technology Inc.The high-speed inter-chip (HSIC) interface is becoming more popular due to its notable advantages over USB for hard-wired inter-chip applications. The interface is a two signal, source synchronous interface that can provide USB high-speed data at 480Mbit/s. The data transfers are 100% host driver compatible with traditional USB topologies. Full-speed (FS) and low-speed (LS) are not supported by the format, ... more
Pushing the Boundaries of Hall Effect Technology
Raising the benchmark for current measurement accuracy over a wide temperature rangeWhatever your application, intelligent power control optimises the use of electricity and ensures smooth control of equipment. For instance in machine tools, the current flow increases abruptly when the tool starts working on the part to be machined. The better and faster the feedback signal, the smoother the control of equipment operation. Intelligent power control is also a way of optimising the use of electricity. Upgrading variable speed ... more
Microchip Technology: Easy conversion - A look at how to implement an analogue-to-digital conversion in a low bandwidth application
Mark Pallones, Mike GomezImplementing an analogue-to-digital conversion in a circuit is one of the most common tasks facing designers and one that can be done in various ways. But for many simple and low bandwidth applications, such as a DC voltmeter for example, the goal is to keep the cost of the implementation low but still obtain a high resolution for the analogue-to-digital conversion.A simplified schematic of such a circuit is shown in Fig. 1. There are two input ... more
The initiative for establishing a public dialogue on the sustainable use of energy in South East Europe was launched by the members of the network of schools for political studies in South East Europe, under auspices of the Council of Europe, with the support of German International Cooperation and its Open Regional Fund for Energy Efficiency (GIZ-ORF-EE) and Visegrad International Fund.The Initiative was taken by the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (Serbia), School for Democratic Leadership (Montenegro) and Academy ... more
Lucio di Jasio, Microchip Technology: Core wars. What’s so important about the core anyway?
Lucio di Jasio, Microchip TechnologyThe availability of ever-smaller geometry CMOS processes has, in recent years, meant that manufacturers have been promoting 32-bit microcontrollers into segments which have previously been the domain of the 8-bit architecture. Encouraged by the strong campaigns mounted by ARM, some microcontroller manufacturers appear to have the 8-bit market clearly in their sights and have dedicated their entire portfolio to a 32-bit offering. This article looks at the rationale behind these choices, and the true impact ... more
Solar-Powered LED Lighting Power-Conversion Techniques
Stephen Stella, Microchip Technology Inc.Performance improvements in Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and photovoltaic solar cells due to developments in technology improve the performance of the end-application. In applications that employ both of these core technologies in combination, such as solar-powered lighting, there is the potential to deliver substantial end-application performance improvement. For example, it’s possible to reduce the solar-cell area as higher-efficiency solar cells convert more of the Sun’s energy into electricity and the high-efficiency LEDs run longer and brighter ... more
Energy Market South East Europe 2014 conference in Pristina
Energy Market South East Europe 2014 regional conference was held between 18 and 19 September in Pristina, Kosovo. The organizers of the local consulting company Evroenergie, a subsidiary of the Energieweit (Germany) provided a platform for exchange of information and best practices aimed at decision makers in the energy industry and politics. Among the main topics were the challenges in the implementation of EU requirements, the potential of renewable energies in the Balkans and investment opportunities respectively on implemented ... more
4G + IPv6 = M2M - Smart-talking machines
The combination of 4G and IPv6 will bring about a new world of smarter M2M communicationRamanuja Konreddy, Microchip Technology Inc.The internet has already revolutionised the way in which people communicate with each other and now it is ready to enable another revolution: the proliferation of smart communication between machines.The technologies which will introduce smart machine-to-machine (M2M) communication are the high-speed 4G wireless standard and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Together, these technologies will enable designers to create a world ... more
Enabling a New Generation
The latest addition to Microchip’s PIC32 family increases performance, integration and connectivity.Bill Hutchings, Microchip Technolgy If there is one characteristic that all modern devices strive to demonstrate - irrespective of the end-application - it is responsiveness. The ability to react ’immediately’ is, of course, an illusion, sustained by the speed with which the microprocessor can respond to an event. Improving the response time of a microprocessor is often closely influenced by the software it executes, however the underlying metric ... more
Finding the right size Microcontroller
Keith CurtisMicrochip Technology Inc.The choice of which Microcontroller to use is made at the start of an embedded-control project. The options are to select an 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit MCU and either start from a low-cost micro and migrate up, or downsize from a high end micro.There are no hard and fast rules: a number of factors will influence the decision including the level of control and processing power the project will require, the power limitations... the list is almost ... more

LATEST issue 3/2020

issue 3-2020


EBRD encourages green growth in the industrial real estate sector in Romania

EBRD encourages green growth in the industrial real estate sector in Romania

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed an agreement with Warehouses De Pauw (WDP) for a financing package of EUR 150 million, which will contribute to the implementation ... more
Eta Bio signs licence agreement with Clariant to build cellulosic ethanol plant

Eta Bio signs licence agreement with Clariant to build cellulosic ethanol plant

Eta Bio, a family-owned agricultural business, will produce 50 000 tonnes of cellulosic ethanol per year by processing around 250 000 tonnes of wheat straw in their production facility in ... more
New investment project for water and sanitation services in Smolyan, Bulgaria

New investment project for water and sanitation services in Smolyan, Bulgaria

The project will modernise and extend municipal services for nearly 100 000 people in the Smolyan district in accordance with EU directives ... more
The first large-scale wastewater treatment plant for Skopje gets euro financing

The first large-scale wastewater treatment plant for Skopje gets euro financing

The EBRD is providing a loan of 58 million euro to finance the first large-scale wastewater treatment plant for Skopje. The financing will be complemented by 78 million euro package from the European Investment Bank (EIB) ... more