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productronica 2013 - November 12 - 15, Messe Munchen trade-fair center
Reliability and sustainability are central themes of special shows at productronicaThe market is calling for products that are increasingly reliable and sustainable. This is a major challenge, and one that also affects the sectors for electronics and electronics manufacturing. Several special shows will examine these aspects and add depth to the wide range of exhibits at productronica: Automotive Electronics, Blue Competence in Electronics Production, the Cleanroom Event Stage, the Cleaning &Contamination Testing Center, and Coilware Manufacturing.Automotive Electronics special showAutomobile manufacturers ... more
Serbia is a home to a rich tradition in the electronics industry, but the story of this field in the country begins with Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest pioneers and inventors in the field of electricity. Of his countless discoveries and contributions to science, Tesla’s most notable achievements include a forerunner to commercial electricity, the alternating current (AC) system and important work leading to the invention of wireless communication and the radio. His colorful personality and groundbreaking achievements have ... more
Why choose when you can have both?
The latest mixed-signal controllers combine the best of both the analogue and digital power-conversion worldsStephen Stella,Microchip TechnologySince the introduction of digital power conversion designershave had a clear choice between using analogue or digital for their designs. Each approach has its own distinct benefits as well as drawbacks, but the development of mixed-signal or hybrid controllers is making it possible for designers to combine the best of both power-conversion worlds.Analogue for performanceThe advantage of analogue power conversion is that it offers ... more
Sensorless BLDC motor control for the masses
Using Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) for sensorless control of Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control to bring this technology within reach of low-cost, mass applicationsCharlie Ice, Microchip TechnologyAs the technology of choice for many high- to mid-range systems, Brushless DC (BLDC) motors offer a constant or variable speed drive combined with high reliability and ease of control. The use of even a few Hall Effect sensors, however, adds to the total system cost which can take BLDC out of the reach ... more
Appliance interfaces: one size fits all
Stephen Porter, Microchip TechnologyA state-of-the-art user interface used to be a couple of knobs on the front of a television screen giving the user the power to get out of their chair and adjust the volume and the channel. Now, users don’t even need to get off the sofa to control simulated surround sound or high-quality video.As appliances become more complex and users expect more from the user interface, designers are faced with increasingly complex decisions such as: what information ... more
Medical Electronics Industry in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia
The following article presents the results of an extensive survey organized by South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market (SEEIM) magazine with manufacturers of medical electronics (including dental, laboratory and cosmetic devices) in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. The purpose of the survey was to outline the current status of the medical electronics industry, as well as the prospects for the development of the sector in the region. The survey examines OEM companies, reviewing regional developers and manufacturers of medical electronics and major EMS ... more
Embedded Intelligence Enables Digital Authentication in Medical Devices
Jonathan Dillon, Microchip TechnologyIntroductionIt is critical that replaceable or disposable accessories for medical devices have a method of proving that the correct accessory, or attachment, is being used. If incorrect accessories are accidentally used, such as accessories designed for another model of the same equipment, or for another manufacturer’s equipment, thiscould cause safety issues. Furthermore, the reuse of disposable accessories may result in inferior performance and is likely to be unsanitary. Counterfeit accessories also pose a serious threat as they ... more
MCUs go wireless
Ralf Hickl, Rutronik Elektronische BauelementeAnyone wanting to expand an existing device to include wireless technology usually connects a transceiver to the microcontroller. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. It requires recalculations regarding cost, quality and risk ratings, development and logistics costs increase and the reliability of the device often drops. Reason enough to consider a microcontroller with integrated transceiver. Many MCU manufacturers have already responded to the wireless trend and the growing demand for transceivers, supplying their chips with different ... more
Increasing integration in embedded HMI
Implementing MCUs which combine graphic display controllers, with support for capacitive-touch, touch-screen and USB peripherals.Rishi Vasuki, Microchip TechnologyHMI designs in embedded systems are evolving fast as the cost of manufacturing fashionable and more elegant interfaces continues to decrease. Some applications are already combining touch-sensitive interfaces, such as keys, sliders, touch-screens and haptic feedback, with rich graphical displays using the latest generation of microcontrollers (MCUs) which integrate graphic display controllers, with peripherals for implementing capacitive-touch, touch-screen controllers and USB onto a ... more
Bulgaria is a key electronics manufacturing hub in Southeast Europe. The country is increasingly being preferred by many electronics assemblers and is set to emerge as one of the key recipients of foreign direct investments in electronics industry. The article presents three successful long-standing investments in the sector.Melexis BulgariaMelexis Bulgaria has now more than 13 years of successful presence in the market and represents the first foreign investment in the area of microelectronics in Bulgaria. Since its start, the company ... more
Detection by deflection; capacitive touch sensing with all-metal front panels
By Darren Wenn,Microchip TechnologyTouch-screen and touch-panel interfaces have rapidly assumed the position of input-medium-of-choice in a wide variety of application spaces, driven to a large extent by the success of portable products such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Touch-driven interfaces have a long history prior to the current phase of widespread acceptance in the consumer electronics space; a wide variety of sensing technologies, and a great deal of ingenuity, have been applied to the problem over many years. Today’s explosive ... more
Renewable Energy Projects In Croatia
Two cogeneration biomass power plants will be build in Benkovac and ZupanjaThe project includes the construction and implementation of two cogeneration biomass power plants which will be located in the area of Croatian towns Benkovac and Zupanja with total capacity of 28,6 MW (14,3MW + 14,3MW). Project Benkovac is located in the Business zone Sopot. Complete infrastructure within the zone is provided by the Town of Benkovac. Land purchase for biomass power plant was executed in 2008.Forest biomass will be ... more
IFC Invests in Enso Hydro to Boost Albania’s Power Generating Capacity, Reduce Energy Imports
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is investing 6 million Euro for a 20 percent stake in Enso Hydro Energji to help it build a series of small hydropower projects in Albania that will increase the country’s electricity generation capacity and reduce energy imports.Austrian hydropower developer Enso Hydro established Enso Hydro Energji to develop small and medium hydro power plants in Albania. Over the next three years the company aims to invest around 75 million Euro in the ... more
Power generation investment projects in Serbia 2012-2020
Serbia is becoming a regional energy hubConsidering overall projections for energy demand increase in the region of South East Europe, Serbia also undertook a number of power generation investment projects in order to increase the security of supply and its regional energy position. Serbia Energy Consultants completed the 2012 energy sector analysis which included all relevant aspects of a new emerging market linking north - south and east -west. New power generation projects are initiated, classic power plants units, renewable ... more
Electronic Cash Registers Manufacturing in South-Eastern Europe
South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine presents top manufacturing companies in the region as a history and scope of activityBULGARIACarat ElectronicsCarat Electronics was originally established as a plant for memory devices in 1969. In 1983, due to a change in its field of activity, the company’s name was changed to "Systems for Teleprocessing and Networks" (STN) and keeps the same name until the beginning of 2005. In 1997 the company was privatized and since the year of 2000 its major shareholder ... more

LATEST issue 4/2019

issue 4-2019


productronica 2019 focuses smart factories and smart maintenance

productronica 2019 focuses smart factories and smart maintenance

The world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production productronica 2019 will be held from November 12 to 15, 2019 in Messe Munchen. The main topics of this year’s ... more
SEMICON Europa highlights challenges and opportunities in smart segments

SEMICON Europa highlights challenges and opportunities in smart segments

SEMICON Europa will spotify challenges and opportunities in smart segments such as automotive, medtech, manufacturing and fab management including MEMS and sensors ... more
Next generation of machine technologies at Bumatech Bursa

Next generation of machine technologies at Bumatech Bursa

The event will present the latest novelties in the following product groups: machine tools for metal, sheet metal technologies; tools and turning lathes; drills, holders, cutting tools; press brakes, saws, profile bending machinery; laser cutting, plasma cutting ... more