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Bringing Ethernet to the Edge of Industrial Networks
Using well-established security mechanisms and the unified interfaces of the Ethernet world reduces risks when creating applications at the edge of industrial networks ... more
LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye
LED manufacturing today is one of the most important segments of the Turkish lighting industry with numerous economic, social and technological factors contributing to its further development. The production and market challenges due to the COVID pandemic have been slowly but steadily overcome, current market reports show ... more
Iron and steel industry in Romania
The iron and steel industry plays a significant role within the Romanian economy as it accounts for relevant shares of the main national economic activities, including industrial and manufacturing output and total exports ... more
Biodiesel production in SEE
During the last decade, the consumption of renewable diesel in Europe strongly increased, going from 14,3 million cubic metres in 2011 to about 19 million in 2019 ... more
Chemical production in Croatia
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, together with plastics and rubber processing are an integral part of the Croatian economy ... more
Renewable energy market in SEE
Despite having an installed hydropower capacity of more than 22 GW, the region still has the largest remaining unexploited hydropower potential in Europe, as its river catchments have remained largely undeveloped ... more
Pulp and paper industry in Romania
The paper manufacturing market in Romania is characterized by the presence of diverse international and regional manufacturers. However, as international players have already established their footprint in the market, regional manufacturers are finding it difficult to compete with them, especially on the basis of product quality, technology, and pricing ... more
Reducing size, noise, and field failures of transportation APUs - designers are finally able to extract disruptive system-level benefits of SiC technology
APU performance and reability can also be optimized using digital programmable gate drivers that enable overshoot voltage and switching losses to be fine-tuned on the fly ... more
Automotive electronics manufacturing in Bulgaria
The production of automotive components is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Bulgarian economy in recent years. According to the Bulgarian Investment Agency, 80% of all sensors and over 90% of airbag sensors in European cars are produced in Bulgaria ... more
To EtherCAT and Beyond
The EtherCAT is always the same length, and each device node on the network has an addressable area of the frame dedicated to it. ... more
Solid waste management in Serbia
In an effort to show a responsible approach to environmental protection but also to the circular economy and green transition Serbia has already closed the old landfill Vinca near its capital Belgrade and opened a landfill for disposal and recycling of construction waste ... more
Metal processing industry in Slovenia
The sector represents one of the strongest sectors among the national manufacturing industries, with 34% of employees in the country ... more
GNSS receivers


GNSS receivers
The choice of the target platform is often a trade-off of parameters such as receiver performance, manufacture and maintenance cost, expandability, power consumption, and autonomy ... more
Food production in Türkiye
According to official statistics, almost 20% of the country`s GDP is provided by the food and beverage industry and the sector is preparing for further expansion ... more
Ruggedness and Reliability – A Journey Beyond the Datasheet
Digital programmable gate drivers, available as printed circuit board (PCB) plug-and-play or core drivers, provide engineers with tools to optimize system performance and tune the system to the application with minimal hardware modifications ... more

LATEST issue 1/2023

issue 1-2023



The E-IOT Mesh with the new cityBox device as a gateway

The E-IOT Mesh with the new cityBox device as a gateway

cityBox is a sensor station, a small green power plant serving itself, a communication gateway for connecting himself to the Internet, and also a gateway to the optional wireless MESH ... more
Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics offers development service from the idea to the complete product, according to customer’s needs. The company’s design department works in close cooperation with its manufacturing units and the ... more