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Detection by deflection; capacitive touch sensing with all-metal front panels
By Darren Wenn,Microchip TechnologyTouch-screen and touch-panel interfaces have rapidly assumed the position of input-medium-of-choice in a wide variety of application spaces, driven to a large extent by the success of portable products such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Touch-driven interfaces have a long history prior to the current phase of widespread acceptance in the consumer electronics space; a wide variety of sensing technologies, and a great deal of ingenuity, have been applied to the problem over many years. Today’s explosive ... more
Renewable Energy Projects In Croatia
Two cogeneration biomass power plants will be build in Benkovac and ZupanjaThe project includes the construction and implementation of two cogeneration biomass power plants which will be located in the area of Croatian towns Benkovac and Zupanja with total capacity of 28,6 MW (14,3MW + 14,3MW). Project Benkovac is located in the Business zone Sopot. Complete infrastructure within the zone is provided by the Town of Benkovac. Land purchase for biomass power plant was executed in 2008.Forest biomass will be ... more
IFC Invests in Enso Hydro to Boost Albania’s Power Generating Capacity, Reduce Energy Imports
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is investing 6 million Euro for a 20 percent stake in Enso Hydro Energji to help it build a series of small hydropower projects in Albania that will increase the country’s electricity generation capacity and reduce energy imports.Austrian hydropower developer Enso Hydro established Enso Hydro Energji to develop small and medium hydro power plants in Albania. Over the next three years the company aims to invest around 75 million Euro in the ... more
Power generation investment projects in Serbia 2012-2020
Serbia is becoming a regional energy hubConsidering overall projections for energy demand increase in the region of South East Europe, Serbia also undertook a number of power generation investment projects in order to increase the security of supply and its regional energy position. Serbia Energy Consultants completed the 2012 energy sector analysis which included all relevant aspects of a new emerging market linking north - south and east -west. New power generation projects are initiated, classic power plants units, renewable ... more
Electronic Cash Registers Manufacturing in South-Eastern Europe
South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine presents top manufacturing companies in the region as a history and scope of activityBULGARIACarat ElectronicsCarat Electronics was originally established as a plant for memory devices in 1969. In 1983, due to a change in its field of activity, the company’s name was changed to "Systems for Teleprocessing and Networks" (STN) and keeps the same name until the beginning of 2005. In 1997 the company was privatized and since the year of 2000 its major shareholder ... more
Vivien Delport, Cristian Toma, Microchip Technology.One wireless security solution simply does not fit all applications and various factors need to be balanced, if designers are to find a system that offers adequate protection at an affordable cost. The latest microcontrollers, featuring advanced security encryption algorithms, on-chip RF communication or low-power technology, together with dedicated RF ICs, can help designers to easily develop a complete, secure wireless system that offers the right balance of cost, size and functionality.No wireless access-control device ... more
Best green practices and business networking at the South-East European Forum (SEE) and Exhibition on EE, RES and Waste Management
The liberalization of the energy and utility sector and the necessity of new modern facilities in South-East Europe open new opportunities for investors and public authorities. What are the market potential, the latest industry updates and best green practices? The answers of these questions will be given at the 8th Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE), the 1st SEE Solar Exhibition and the 3rd Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling and Environment - ’Save ... more
Greece Pushes 1.4 Billion USD in Solar Projects to Aid Economy
Greece, which pays Europe’s highest premium for solar power, said it will fast-track three solar photovoltaic projects with a total investment of 1 billion euros ($1.37 billion) to help revive its shrinking economy. They include the 200-megawatt Kozani plant, to be developed by Public Power Corp. SA, the country’s biggest electricity producer, said Aristomenis Syngros, the head of Invest in Greece, the agency that implements a law aimed at speeding up projects deemed important to the Greek economy. Solar Cells ... more
EBRD pioneers biogas project in Croatia
Agrokor receive 5 million Euro loan to build the first biogas power plant in agribusiness sectorThe EBRD is stepping up its efforts to promote the generation and use of green energy in Croatia by financing the first biogas project in the country. The Bank is providing a 5 million Euro loan to Croatia’s Agrokor, a leading agribusiness company in south-eastern Europe, to support the construction of a combined heat and power generation plant that will use biogas as primary fuel.The ... more
EVN Bulgaria opened its new cogeneration power plant
The company invested 100 million BGN in the production of cleaner and more secure heating for Plovdiv customersThe new cogeneration plant of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia, built in partnership with Siemens is located on the site of TPP North in Plovdiv and this is the most modern cogeneration facility not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkans for now. The total investment of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia is 100 million BGN, which in the conditions of a severe financial recession in ... more
FYR of Macedonia seeks to enhance the number of investments in the energy sector. Priority is given to projects for the new mine coal and the new thermal power plant in Mariovo, investment worth 400-450 million Euros, then revitalization of TPP "Oslomej" and REK Bitola, the project for full heating of Bitola for the construction and rehabilitation of hydropower plants, recapitalization of ELEM, with its privatization of up to 49 percent of the property. The realization of the projected economic ... more
Amplifiers are critical for ECG accuracy
The new generation of function-rich Electrocardiograms (ECGs) relies on high levels of accuracy to deliver advanced functions and amplifier selection plays a vital role in delivering these.Kevin Tretter, Microchip TechnologyECG basicsThe core function of a Electrocardiogram (ECG) is to measure the voltage potentials across the body, which are created with each contraction of the heart wall. The ECG then conditions the cardiac signals and outputs them as waveforms, either onto a display screen or as a print-out. For basic ECGs ... more
South-East European PV Market Review
South-East European PV Market ReviewPV markets have never performed so well in their entire history. While the awareness about the PV’s capabilities grows in the public opinion, it now appears on the energy map of several countries. The total of newly installed capacity added in 2010 represents in average the electricity production of two large coal-fired power plants. In several countries, grid parity for residential systems is reachable in the coming years. In some specific cases in countries or regions ... more
Precision op amp architectures
Not all precision op amps are created equal: benefits of different precision op amp architectureKevin Tretter, Microchip TechnologyWhilst there is little doubt that higher-precision operational amplifiers (op amps) can eliminate the need for system calibration, either during manufacturing or in the field, designers still face a choice of which low-offset architecture is best for each application. Choosing the right op amp means assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of architecture. This article outlines the pros and cons of ... more
Recent automation projects in SEE region
Automated System for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) PreparationBulgarian engineering company Systems Automation Technologies - SAT Ltd. has finished “turn-key” project about supply of fully Automated System for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Preparation for cement plant Holcim (Serbia) d.o.o. - Novi Popovac. Holcim Company, one of main SAT’s Clients is among top 5 producers of cement and aggregates in the world. Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is used for alternative fuel in clinker firing process. It’s prepared from all kinds of biological ... more

LATEST issue 2/2022

issue 2-2022



Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

The scope of the fair encompasses automation systems, CAD/CAM/CAE & PLM software, CNC and conventional metalworking technologies, CNC control systems, cutting tools/holders, heat treatment equipment, Industry 4.0 and IIoT systems ... more
9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

The 3 main areas of the exhibits are transport services and logistics, warehouse equipment and technologies, commercial vehicles and green transport ... more
Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Visitors of Eco Wave are managers and executives responsible for strategic planning and procurement, government officials, experts, researchers, technicians, media representatives, and others ... more
WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

The 29th WorldFood Istanbul which was held in 2021 became the largest exhibition on square meter basis in its history and it achieved great success by reaching the highest number of visitors ever ... more