Taiwan was the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at EMO 2023

MachinesBusiness • 15.10.2023

Taiwan was the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at EMO 2023
Taiwan was the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at EMO 2023

Taiwan´s "Taiwan Smart Machinery Promotion Program" at EMO 2023 introduced the first-ever Taiwan all-in-one platform, in collaboration with industry associations like TAMI, TMBA, TACEA. The platform offered a range of activities, including press conferences, solution seminars, Taiwan Night gala dinner, and quick presentations like Elevator Pitch and Solution Flash. It garnered positive feedback and attracted nearly 800 visitors, including 58 media representatives and 141 buyers from around 20 countries, providing a platform for 144 Taiwan exhibitors to showcase their smart tech and machinery developments.

Hiwin Chairman Chuo Wen-Hen and Fair-Friend Group´s CEO Mr. Miro Lin emphasized their focus on energy efficiency and productivity, with government support and EMO expansion efforts enhancing their networking opportunities and global reach.
AXISCO, a leading broaching brand, presented an aircraft engine bearing cages component at the Taiwan Smart Machinery booth, resulting in market expansion in Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Taiwan´s machine tool industry, ranked 7th globally with an annual production value exceeding 4 billion USD, showcased its strength as the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at EMO. An International Press Conference and Panel Discussion featuring prominent figures discussed how Taiwan´s smart machinery is driving the world, with a focus on sustainable development and innovative applications. International media from various countries participated in the event, including SEEIM journalists.


Solutions seminars


To strengthen connections with buyers, from September 19th to 20th TAITRA organized three solutions seminars covering innovative metalworking, digital and green transformation, and high-efficiency applications. Twelve companies jointly presented their solutions. These were Buffalo, Honor Seiki, Holdwell, Palmary, Tongtai, Hiwin, Quaser, YCM, 7-Leaders, Habor, Walrus, and Accutex.

Additionally, five Elevator Pitch and Solution Flash events focused on various solutions provided by 40 companies includingTaiwan Takisawa, TMT, Jhen Tong, Asia-Pacific Elite, Kao Ming, Shin-Yain, Chain Headway, FFG, Bright Jing Chin, and Yinsh, showcasing Taiwan´s capabilities in the industry.

For detailed information contact the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) at wjchen5@taitra.org.tw