Taiwan International Machine Tool Show – TMTS 2016

MachinesEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2016

The Taiwan International Machine Tool Show TMTS 2016 will be held from November 23 to 27 this year, announced the hosts Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA). The event will take place at the Greater Taichung International Expo Center(GTIEC). In preparation for the upcoming international exhibition, a pre-show press conference was organized at the historical Taichung broadcasting bureau building in Taiwan on June 15 this year.

TMTS 2016 will explore several themes, the main one being "Activating Intelligent Manufacturing". Other topics include the heading towards Industry 4.0 to express the achievement of related advanced products, including sensing technology, machine-to-machine (M2M), data driven decision making, robot-controlled manufacturing, human-robot collaboration, and intelligent control of flexible (customized) manufacturing system, which are all specialized fields of the Taiwan machine tool industry, explained the event organizers from TMBA.

Around 700 exhibitors using 4000 booths and covering up to 78,000 square meters of show space are expected at this year’s iteration of the massive trade show. At least 8% increases in scale growth are expected for the exhibition, informed Taichung International EXPO Center’s chief secretary Huang Chin-Mao during the pre-show press conference. Additionally, over 75,000 domestic and international visitors are expected, so order values may as well exceed over 250 million dollars.

"The idea of hosting machine tools show in Taichung has its advantage for being close to manufacturers, with a compact and quick react supply chain covering molding, hand tools, bicycle, auto parts, metal machining, and many other industries production.

This year TMTS 2016’s, "Smart manufacturing toward industrial 4.0" will be the highlight and the goal. Besides presenting the most up-to-date development of Taiwan machine tools, there are a series of events, like new product launch, procurement meetings, factory visits and other events scheduled for the TMTS," explained Yu Chin-Kun, TMBA’s vice chairman.

As the largest machine tool show this year, TMTS 2016 will provide a significant platform for global machine tool manufacturers and consumers. Its venue - Taiwan - is one of the major producing and consuming markets for global machine tools. More than 1,600 manufacturers are a part of Taiwan’s machine tool supply chain, while close to 90% of these manufacturers are concentrated in the Greater Taichung area. This makes Taichung a major consuming market in machine tools and other mechanical equipment in addition to its status as a major base in global machine tool manufacturing.

Taiwan ranked as the 4th machine tool exporting country in the world in 2014. The country’s machine tool manufacturing cluster with a radius of 60 kilometers offers some of the best engineering solutions for global machine users from industries that use hand tools, molds, automobile & motorcycle parts, metalworking and all kinds of machinery.

A custom statistics provided by the Directorate General of Customs and analyzed by Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) states that the total export value of machine tool accessory in 2016 Q1 was 225 million US dollars.

Taiwan’s main trade partners for export of machine tool accessory include: China, which still owns the greatest share of the market with an export worth USD 105 million value in the first quarter of this year. Japan takes the second place on the market with exports worth USD 22,86 million, and after that follow the USA, Germany, Korea, India, Italy, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia.

Several site presentations were organized during the pre-show press conference. The factory visits took place between June 15th to 17th and aimed to reveal Taiwan’s manufacturing power. The manufacturers themselves showed their firsthand breaking news and innovative technologies via face to face detailed explanation and presentation.

Taiwan Keyarrow is a machine parts supplier offering bellow, telescopic cover, bellow with lamella, chip conveyor, and painting services. The company owns multiple CSPM & other critical technologies and has over 80 patents at 17 different countries. In 2004 Keyarrow began a cooperation with Nabell Corporation in Japan that included the use of patents rights, technologies, and productions knowledge. "Always bring the best quality product to customers" is Keyarrow’s company mission.

Machining Centers Hartford was established in 1965 and started off with focusing on developing machining centers. To present day, Hartford is a total in-house manufacturer and Taiwan’s biggest world-class machine tools supplier. The company’s machines find application in fields like aerospace, medical, technology, oil production, automobile molding, eco-friendly and many other industries.

The entire process from molding to shipping can be done within the company’s production center. Other critical parts such as spindle, tool magazine, angle head, universal head, and B-axis are all self-developed by Hartford.
POSA spindle
Posa was founded in 1994 and has been supplying spindles for lathes, machining centers, grinding, and boring & milling machines since. Posa’s company policy holds the belief to always utilize the newest production equipments and technologies to continuously upgrade the company’s spindle. The manufacturer exports to China, USA, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries.

As part of Taiwan’s machine tools industry, Posa is moving towards becoming a world’s top automation industry supplier and currently has built a firm base with markets in USA, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil. In the future, the company plans to continue building a wider service in Japan, Korea, and USA.
Hiwin specializes in the research and making of precision ball screws, linear guideways, and transmissions. Since its founding in 1989, the company’s core motto for succeeding in business operations has been "professional quality, passion for work, and high professional ethic", states the company website. The name Hiwin represents the abbreviation for "Hi-tech Winner". Hiwin has patents in 34 countries and servicing centers in 11 countries, such as China, USA, and Japan.
Goodway Corporation was established in 1974 and is currently built upon three manufacturers - Goodway, Awea, and Extron. Goodway Corporation has 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of high precision & productivity CNC leathes, and is currently one of the top CNC lathe producers in Taiwan.

The corporation has increased its scale with headquarters in both Taichung and Hsinchu, as well as branches in Shanghai & Dongguan in China and in Los Angeles, USA. The total products Goodway provides include up to 800 different milling machines. The company exports about 1,500 lathes to over 45 countries each year while maintaining the shipments annual growth rate at 20%.
GSA Technology
GSA Technology was established in 1978 and has since participated in many exhibitions and trade shows, including IMTS-Chicago, EMO-Hannover, JIMTOF-Tokyo and TIMTOS-Taipei. Following a strict quality control policy, GSA is committed to build a top quality brand and promoting its products with stronger global sale network, explain company representatives. GSA also has a broad worldwide service network, technical support and customer service connected throughout more than 30 counties the company has presence in.

Taiwan LITZ is stationed in the Taichung Dajia Youth Industrial Park with floor space of 17,000 square meters. Litz manufactures numerical-control machines, machining centers, precision and ultrasonic machining centers and the company clients range from precision molding, automobile, telecommunication, and high precision machining & aerospace industries. Litz also provides OEM & ODM solutions for worldwide famous brands and currently has markets that go across USA, Germany, France, UK, Singapore, and China.

Fatek is part of the FEMCO family as one of the industry’s leading brand with a broad sales network and firm technology support base. Fatek’s product sales has extended to more global markets since their CNC lathes (HL series), horizontal boring & milling machine (BMC), and vertical lathes (VL) were first launched in the year 2000. Fatek has recently announced a new product line - the AVM system - which refocuses their development from single machine to multiple machine connections.

Tongtai is located in the Southern Taiwan Science Park and since its establishment in 1969 has been manufacturing products ranging from CNC lathes, horizontal/vertical machining centers, customized machines, to PCB machines. Tongtai continuously invests in the research of horizontal boring & milling machine, ultrasonic machining, and PCB laser drilling machine innovations. The company has cooperated with other manufacturers in the industry, including Honor Seiki, Quick-tech, Apec, PCI-Scemm, and others.
Youji is specialized in the design, planning and providing of various machines. The company is the first Taiwanese vertical lathes supplier that has retrieved C.E. and E.M.C. recognition and is the first to sell their products to European & USA markets. Currently, Youji is one of the biggest vertical lathe manufacturers and exporters from Taiwan, with each of their exports supervised under rigid production and QA process.