Taiwan International Machine Tool Show - 5-9 November 2014

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The third edition of the major international exhibition Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) organized by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association will be held from November 5th to 9th 2014 at the Greater Taichung International Expo Center in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Once again the large-scale show dedicated to the machine tool industry will put a strong emphasis on the most innovative technologies in this area and will bring together machine tool builders, equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, designers, buyers and many other stakeholders in the field. After the extremely successful second edition of the high-tech forum which was held in 2012, the organizers this year are anticipating more than 500 companies from over 10 countries and regions worldwide.

Some of the leading machine tool manufacturing countries will be presented through collective country pavilions. ”At an exhibition space of 54,000 square meters more than 3,600 booths will be situated, presenting many of the key companies on the Taiwan, the Asian and the global machine tool scene and their newest and strongest offers”, the organizers add.

TMTS 2014 showcases five areas to improve visitor experience
The third edition of the major trade fair will put an accent on the newest and most high-end solutions in the following categories: Cutting Machine Tools, Forming Machine Tools, Tube & Wire Processing Equipment, Machine Tool Components / Attachments / Cutting Tools, Toolholding & Workholding Devices / Tools / Software, Inspecting, Measuring and Testing Equipment, Automation & Control / Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Lubrication/Industrial Robot, etc.

With the professional arrangements and easy access to Greater Taichung International Expo Center, both the show organizers and the machine tool sector are optimistic that TMTS 2014 will be the biggest show in Taiwan. Over 70,000 visitors are expected this year compared to the record-breaking 65,227 participants in 2012.

To provide optimal service for visitors and buyers from all over the world, the organizer will offer a series of events, such as new product release, purchasing conference, factory visit and free city tour. With these services, foreign visitors and buyers will be able to attend the show and experience Taiwan’s industrial dynamism at the same time. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit 2 out of 18 high-tech factories located in the industrial zone.

The venue
”The TMTS exhibition has a very good geographical advantage”, the organizers believe. The venue is near the Taiwan High Speed Rail, making it convenient for both international and domestic visitors. ”Since the venue is located in the main center of Taichung metalworking supply chain cluster, the exhibition floor can be expanded from the official 54,000 sq m to 60 sq km, which is the size of the so called Metalworking Golden Valley.

If exhibitors are willing to open their plant for tour, visitors and buyers can reach the factories more quickly as the distance is not far. This doubles the geographical advantage of the show, making it more attractive”, they emphasize.

The novelties in the TMTS 2014 program
On a special pre-conference for journalists from all over the world, which was held in August this year and was attended by a representative of the South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market Magazine, the organizers of the international machine tool exhibition TMTS in Taiwan presented the novelties in this year’s edition, which will take place in November.

”The two main themes of TMTS 2014 will be ’Applications of 5-axis machine tools’ and ’Services in the manufacturing industry’. Many exhibitors will showcase the cutting performance and related applications of 5-axis machine tools during the show. Moreover, there will be series presentation to introduce how to implement manufacturing service in machine tool industry.

For the convenience of the expected more than 70,000 visitors from all over the world the exhibition area will be divided into five main areas: Metal cutting machines; Metalworking machines; Tools for precision machining, components, accessories and measurement instrumentation; Automation, robots, hydraulic and pneumatic components; International media and associations”, representatives of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association announced.

”The trade fair this year will take place on a larger area than its previous edition due to the constantly growing interest among exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition will showcase all kinds of high-precision metal cutting machinery, components, accessories, tools and equipment for automation”, the organizers added.

A sneak peak of ТМТS 2014’s highlights
Cast copper and stainless steel specialist Hsin Huan Lung (HHL) will present many of its special oil groove designs to the TMTS buyers. The company offers coppers for press machines and gear sector and reaches the greatest diameter to 2.5 m; this size is applicable to large size press sleeve tubes and the 4th axis.

”Since the company specializes in both vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting, buyers with different requests in either length or diameter issues can find what they need in our catalogues. We are well known for our rigid QC processing, hence there are different instruments for the metal component inspection, for example spectrompeter, metallurgical microstructure test, tensile test machine, etc.”, the company explains.

As a machine tool manufacturer with long history in Taiwan, FEMCO focuses on creative new series of products for TMTS 2014 such as Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine with High Speed T type - BMC-100HT. ”Due to the high demand of the mold industry we are focusing on developing high loading and high speed solutions similar to horizontal machining centers, that suit for high precision cutting. This model suits the requirement of large mold, highest spindle speed is 8000rpm, with diameter of 100mm, and it’s different from the boring machine, suitable for mold machining”, manufacturers inform.

FastCut is a CNC lathe manufacturer that will be focusing its main products on Center-Drive CNC lathe at the show. ”Among all the Center-Drive CNC lathe manufacturers, our solution leads the market trend with its much broader application. It is used mostly to process automotive absorber. Our CSL series can process on steering shaft, bottom tube, piston rod and shaft in gearbox. Next to automotive industry, our Center-Drive CNC lathe are also welcomed by suppliers of fitness equipment PRECOR as they use it to process the drive shaft of treadmills”, FastCut states.

The innovative VERO-S quick change pallet system, introduced on the Taiwan market by ACCUDYNA Engineering, will be one of the highlights at this year’s TMTS show. ”The system is based on a method of reducing set-up time which ensures higher machine running times and a more rational production from batch size 1. VERO-S combines two basic functions: centering via short tapers and locking via 2 clamping slides. It represents more efficient, faster and more precise. It’s maintenance-free module, all functional components are made of hardened stainless steel”, the manufacturers inform.

Another company which presentation will be among the highlights at this year’s show is Canaan Electric Corporation, which has been providing state-of-the-art, professional, multi-dimensional automatic control components. In addition to innovative sensors, various switches and linear position sensing products, the company will also showcase high quality and high stability control components for counter, encoder and signal tower.

The successful 2012 edition
The 2nd Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS), the biggest metalworking machinery exhibition in central Taiwan, was held from November 7th to 11th 2012 at Great Taichung International Exhibition Center. ”Compared to the 1st TMTS, the significant increase on display size and exhibitor number made TMTS the most important biennial machinery exhibition in Taiwan. The exhibits of this show included 5-axis Machining Centers, Multi Tasking Machines, Large &Heavy Machining Machinery, and Intelligent Automation Equipment, and so on”, the organizers remind.

They add: ”Taichung is a unique machine tools cluster, as well as one of the major consumption areas of global machinery. The aim of TMTS is combining the show and the cluster together. Buyers can visit the show and the factory in one journey. In TMTS 2012, there were 450 exhibitors who filled 2,400 booths with over 36,000 m2.

It was the largest international machine tool show in Taiwan that year, and also an important platform to show Taiwan’s capacity to the world”.
The 2012 TMTS was a five-day event that attracted more than 65,000 visitors. The exhibition successfully attracted 1,984 buyers from 50 countries.

TMTS 2012 set high expectations
Regarding the 2012 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show the Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou said the precision machinery industry had a critical impact on the future development of Taiwan. He expected that the industry would generate an overall production value of NT$1 trillion the following year, and become a new trillion-dollar industry to help the nation steer into an economy of leading technology.

He stressed that in facing future international competition, Taiwan should play the role of ”maker of key components and precision equipment” in the economic and trade value chain. In this chain, the machine tool industry was indeed the backbone of the economy, the President added.
Mr. Eric Y. T. Chuo, Chairman of the organizer TMBA stated that the 2012 TMTS was held with an innovative style -”exhibition integrated with manufacturing supply chain,” which effectively stimulated foreign buyers to come to Taiwan to see the show and to purchase products.

Unprecedented expansion for TMTS 2014  
Asia’s leading machine tool platform, Taiwan International Machine Tool Show 2014, is ramping up in scale and quality as this year’s edition is set to be the biggest in its history. The number of exhibitors has also risen 45% compared to the 2012 show. ”Over 1,600 upstream and downstream metalworking suppliers from Taiwan, the third-largest machine tool exporter in the world, will be exhibiting and forming a formidable supply chain.

The majority (90%) of the companies forming this tight bond are based in Taichung, the most concentrated metalworking center in the SE Asia. Within 60 km of the greater Taichung area, visitors can tour facilities for molds, hand tools, bicycles, automotive parts, the metalworking supply chain, and many other industry groups. As a result, visitors to TMTS 2014 will be able to take a closer look of those exhibitors with whom they want to do business”, organizers comment.

Focus on high precision
Providing high customized capability, reliability and product quality to satisfy machining requirements for global buyers, is the sole target of Taiwan machine tool industry, TMTS’s organizers state. The main focus, they add, is on high precision. In TMTS 2014, the most competitive models will be demonstrated from Taiwanese machine tool companies, and most of the equipment not shown in other international exhibitions will all be unveiled.

”The TMTS 2014 is not only the largest international machine tool exhibition in Taiwan in 2014, but also represents an important trading platform between buyers and manufacturers. Despite the ominous signs of global recession and looming European debt crisis, we conservatively expect the order amount will still surpass 6 billion New-Taiwan-Dollars at the exhibition in 2014 - a projection doubled from the last TMTS”, the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association claims.

Taiwan’s machine tool market  
Taiwan is the major producing and consuming market for global machine tools. There are more than 1,600 manufacturers in Taiwan machine tool supply chain, and nearly 90 percent of these manufacturers are concentrated in the Greater Taichung area. Taichung is not only a major base in global machine tool manufacturing but also a major consuming market in machine tools and other mechanical equipment.

”Inside this 60 kilometer radius of the Taiwan machine tool cluster, the best engineering solutions are available for global machine users. Resources can be found for buyers, from one single machine tool to full-scale automation equipment planning. At the same time, all other machine tool demands, such as fixtures, tools, accessories and software planning, can be fulfilled.

Taichung represents a unique machine tool cluster in the world because all required precision components can be found for producing machine tools: whether custom-made or market available specification components, all can be supplied swiftly with attractive pricing”, the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association claims.

”Taiwan ranks sixth in machine tool production in the world. In 2012, Taiwan machine tool industry is valued at 5.43 billion US dollars, a 5.2% growth from 2011. Specifically, the export value has reached 4.23 billion US Dollars in 2012 - ranks 4th in the world, behind Japan, Germany and Italy. Taiwan machine tool products are famous for reliable quality and reasonable price, and are favored by global users. The major regions of sales for Taiwan are: China, United States, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, etc.”, the organizers summarize.