Taiwan International Machine Tool Show 2012

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TLL Media was the only representative of the South-Eastern European press at the exhibition

The TMTS (Taiwan International Machine Tool Show) 2012 took place from November 7th to 11th at the "Greater Taichung International Expo Center" in 2012 hosted by TMBA. 475 companies, both domestic and international, attended the 2012 TMTS. The area for the exhibition was over 36 200 square meters, with more than 2400 booths exhibiting all types of high precision machine tools, components, accessories, tools and automation equipment. There was an innovative "Exhibition integrated with Manufacturing supply chain" exhibition style. "There was an 85 percent increase in overall scale, and 30 percent increase in exhibitors contrasted to the last TMTS", the organizers said. TLL Media was the only media representative of Bulgaria and the South-Eastern press at the exhibition.

Through the quality services of the TMTS 2012, and various types of international promotion channels,

more than 60 000 oversea and domestic visitors attended this exhibition
There were visitors from 50 countries, including: Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Lithuania, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, south Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, etc. "The exhibition becomes more and more popular", TMBA said. "In comparison the previous Taiwan International Machine Tool Show had 51,000 visitors and 1,103 professional buyers from Taiwan and 41 countries including Germany, Britain, USA, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico etc."

"TMTS 2012 was not only the largest international machine tool exhibition in Taiwan this year; it also represented an important trading platform between buyers and manufacturers", commented from the Association. "Despite the ominous signs of global recession and looming European debt crisis, we conservatively expect the order amount will still surpass 4 billion New-Taiwan-Dollars at the exhibition 2012 - a projection doubled from the previous TMTS", they added.

"Taichung was chosen to host the TMTS 2012, so that buyers not only could visit all the demonstrations at the exhibition, but also a visit to the manufacturing plant is possible within a 30 to 40 minutes drive, for a peek into how the Taiwanese machine tool industry crafts the demanded products with ingenuity", organizers said.

To better service the visitors and buyers from all over the world, TMBA provided new product announcements, a purchasing discussion conference and a series of factory visits according to schedule. Apart from visiting the exhibition, buyers and visitors can also experience the industry’s vitality first hand.

Taiwan ranks sixth in machine tool production in the world
In 2011, the Taiwanese machine tool industry was valued at 5.26 billion US dollars, a 35% growth from 2010. Specifically, the export value has reached 4 billiion US Dollars in 2011 - ranks 4th in the world, behind Japan, Germany and Italy.

"Taiwan machine tool products are famous for reliable quality and reasonable price, and are favored by global users. The major regions of sales for Taiwan are: China, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Netherlands etc. The primary exported machine tools from Taiwan are for metal cutting, accounting for 81% in the machine tool industry. In 2011, the exported value had reached 3.287 billion US dollars, and the exported valued for the metal forming machine tools is 712 million US dollars.

Despite the sovereign debt crisis in the European Union, and the sluggish global consumer market, the Taiwanese machine tool export value still reached 2.87 billion US dollars from January to August of 2012 - a slight 9.3% growth compared with same period in 2011", TMBA announced.

China is still a major export market for Taiwan, but the market share has dropped to 34% from 43% from 2011. In 2012 the exported value to China is 790 million US dollars from January to June - a 14.5% slump when comparing with the same period last year. USA is the 2nd largest exporting country for the Taiwanese machine tool industry, and the market share has climbed to 12% from 2011’s 7%, and the export value had reached 249 million US dollars for the first half of 2012, a significant 89% growth when comparing with same period last year. Furthermore, the 3rd largest exporting country for the Taiwanese machine tool industry - Thailand, also showed a 85% significant growth in export value comparing with last year’s January to June. By the 4th quarter this year, we expect the order visibility shall return to the normal standard.

In this 2012’s TMTS, there were 158 machine tool manufacturers attending, including VICTOR, YCM, TONG-TAI, QUASER, GOODWAY, AWEA, KAO-MING, FAR EAST, CHEVALIER, HARTFORD, CHMER, SEYI, CHINFONG, with 292 tools and accessories manufacturers, including HIWIN, GSA, Keyarrow, Vertex, Strong, Royal Precision, Habor, Fongei, and Earth Chain.

Other than the local Taiwanese exhibitors, 25 companies in 8 countries, from Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Korea, were also participating in the exhibition.

Under this market competitive environment, Taiwanese machine tools not only need to satisfy buyers’ machining requirements, but also pursue high machining performance. During the TMTS 2012, many technical trend panels, new product announcements and related purchasing discussion panels were held. Furthermore, the Precision Machinery Research Development Center (PMC), also announced its progress in the field of Taiwanese machine tool engineering design.

"Providing high customized capability, reliability and product quality to satisfy the machining requirements for global buyers, is the main target of the Taiwanese machine tool industry. In TMTS 2012, the most competitive models were demonstrated from Taiwanese machine tool companies", the organizers concluded. Much of the equipment not shown in other international exhibitions was unveiled in TMTS 2012.

Taiwan machine tool production
Taiwan is major producer and consuming market for global machine tools. There are more than 1600 manufacturers in the Taiwanese machine tool supply chain, and nearly 90 percent of these manufacturers were concentrated in the Greater Taichung area. Taichung is not only a major base in global machine tool manufacturing; it is also a major consuming market in machine tools and other mechanical equipment. Inside this 60 kilometer radius of the Taiwan machine tool cluster, the best engineering solutions are available for global machine users.  Resources can be found for buyers, from one single machine tool to full-scale automation equipment planning. At the same time, all other machine tool demands, such as fixtures, tools, accessories and software planning, can be fulfilled. Taichung represents a unique machine tool cluster in the world because all required precision components can be found for producing machine tools: whether custom-made or market available specification components, these can be supplied swiftly with attractive pricing.