Strict quality control and attractive prices will lead to a significant increase of sales

InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2005

Jelez Georgiev, executive director of ELMARK GROUP-BULGARIA LTD

Mr. Georgiev, ELMARK GROUP IND., USA started a factory in Bulgaria recently When did the official production process start in the factory?

The official opening ceremony of the first ELMARK factory in Europe – in Bulgaria, was held on 7-th of October 2005 in the city of Dobrich. Among the guests there were clients from Bulgaria, as well as specialists in the fields of electrical equipment. Representatives from the leading media will be also present.

Let’s talk about kind of products, which will be mainly produced in the factory?

In the factory will be produced mainly the following products - whole series of automatic circuit breakers up to 800A and all kinds of residual current devices with trade mark ELMARK – all these products will be licensed by ELMARK GROUP IND., USA. You can learn more about the products from

What is the amount of investment for the new factory built-up? Who are the investors?

The factory was built and equipped by common efforts from both parties – ELMARK GROUP-BULGARIA LTD and the American partners from ELMARK GROUP IND., USA. The joint investment amounted to 2 000 000 USD. The building process itself was realized by the Bulgarian Company, which is general ELMARK representative for Eastern Europe. The American partners provided all the equipment in the factory.

It would be very interesting for the readers of South-East European Industrial Market magazine to learn more about commercial structure of ELMARK GROUP IND., USA in the region of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) and especially in the following countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia?

The basic and main principle in the structure of ELMARK GROUP IND., USA is to enter into agreements with general distributors for different areas (regions). These general distributors have delegated rights of trading and advertising with products with ELMARK trademark. On their part all general distributors delegate the same rights to their distributors for different smaller areas. This way, a very flexible commercial network is realized and it satisfies all needs and demands in any given country. Up to now such commercial networks are created in Bulgaria, Romania, as well as in Macedonia. With the start of production in the city of Dobrich, Bulgaria, ELMARK products will be supplied also in some other countries like Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey and in some countries from Western Europe.

How would you comment the quality and the technical level of the products, which will be produced in Bulgaria?

For every new production one of the most important things is the quality of the products. Here is the best moment to make a remark and to mention that all the components (elements) needed for the production process are delivered in Bulgaria after thorough tests and approved in the laboratories of ELMARK GROUP IND., USA. The most important, basic and responsible technological process is testing. It guarantees the quality and the proper performance of all the products. This process is performed in conformity with the European standard EN 60898: 1991 + A1 + A11 + A12 + A13 + A14 + A15 + A16 + A17 + A18 + A19:2002. Four tests are performed - Instantaneous test and Short time-delay test. They are performed twice – before and after riveting of the circuit breakers. After riveting and printing, 13% from the whole batch circuit breakers are put to Long time-delay tester. After they pass this final test successfully, the whole batch is ready for selling.

This way some of the main technical characteristics are tested – breaking curve, bimetal function, as well as the reliability of the circuit breakers for long term use. Every product, produced in the factory has 3 years warranty. The very strict and thorough quality control from our engineers, the improved control tests, the professionally organized production, all these in combination with our balanced and attractive prices will lead to a significant increase of sales of ELMARK products in many countries across Europe.