Steiner Elektronik, SEEIM - issue 4, 2017


Trusted and acknowledged partner

in electronic assembly

Founded in 1969 in Ruse as a supplier of military equipment, Steiner Elektronik has grown to a successful and preferred partner to different business industries. The company is always looking to explore new customer segments.

As an innovative and dynamic market-driven company Steiner Elektronik is specialized in providing high quality tested PCBs, electronic assembly, provision of electronic components, potting, coating, entire unit assembly and cable confection. All processes are completed in ESD protected environment according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our PCB assembly solutions cover conventional and SMT assembly. The manual assembly is carried out by highly skilled professional team. The SMT assembly is done by one of the latest high precision machines. On the other hand, the THT assembly can be performed with selective soldering and wave soldering machines. Another advantage is our selective coating machine.

With the extensive expertise of our engineers we are concentrated on complete service and flexible solutions starting from technical support to logistics.

The services portfolio includes also programming, In-circuit and functional testing, AOI control.

The name Steiner Elektronik stands not only for high quality and quick service but also for international presence.

We are also focused on constant improvement of profitable and productive operations by maintaining multi-lingual and motivated personnel, ensuring competitiveness and complete customer satisfaction. This leads to our core value - success comes with the success of our customers.

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