MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2017

Tehnoproduct is established in 1990 as a production firm for rubber and metal. In the beginning, the production line entailed production of rubber parts, but in small quantities, however, over time the product list increased. Along with the increase in the production, Tehnoproduct sensed the need of becoming vertically integrated.

To elaborate on this, it began to produce its own molds (needed for producing a certain part, which by then was outsourced), and afterwards it began to produce its own rubber mixture (the raw material needed for a product to be manufactured). The products are characterized with a quality that satisfies the needs of the buyer in terms of endurance, functionality, and durability, explains the company.

The mentioned products are used in the transport i.e. transportation belts, vehicles, food industry, hydraulics and pneumatics. Tehnoproduct’s production plant is situated in the industrial area of Gevgelija encompassing a space of 7300 sq. m, out of which 1400 are administration and production buildings, 500 sq. m warehouse, 200 parking lot, 650 sq. m yard, 500 sq. m park and the rest is left for future needs.