MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2017


The company Miriplast is an enterprise in the plastic industry located in Gostivar – Macedonia. The company’s main activity is thermoplastic injection moulding. The commercial language of Miriplas is German, since it is active as a supplier for German-language countries in Europe. It produces plastic parts and car accessories for the automotive industry.

The enterprise consists of a young, dynamic and innovative team and well-trained skilled workers with plastic-technical know-how. The operational machinery consist of machines with closing force 20-250 tons of closing force. With regular injection moulding machines the company can produce plastic parts up to 750 gram of weight. It also has at its disposal a tampon printing machine which make production of printed parts possible.

’As company target we want to shorten the product standing cycle for our customers. In addition, we offer express sampling of new tools and series production for peak loads to our customers, as well as quality assurance after an internally created quality program following ISO 9001:2008 on all processing levels", says Miriplast.