HI-TECH Corporation

Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2017

Hi-Tech Corporation is an East European manufacturer of printed circuit boards specialized in express delivery of prototypes and small series of rigid, flex and rigid-flex multi-layer printed circuit boards up to 36 layers for the automotive, communication and electronics sectors.

The company was established as a PCB manufacturer in 1981. What started as a small family owned company for the production of PCBs for the local industry turned into a successful business which operates on the European and US markets. The company exports 100% of its PCB production to valuable customers from market sectors such as automotive, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics, power and medical industries.

Double sided and Multilayer PCBs are used for an incredibly wide range of applications. Hi-Tech Corp. has a proven track record in supplying rigid PCBs for industries that demand a high degree of reliability.

"Selecting materials that best fit the required electrical, thermal, and physical characteristics is essential for delivering outstanding quality," underlines the company’s website.